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Proceedings for the North American Convention held in Toronto, Canada, 1851


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The business committee then presented the following resolutions:

Resolved, that slavery being a sin against God, and an outrage upon man, we feel sacredly bound, as a convention and as individuals, to make common cause with the enslaved, and never to cease our efforts against slavery until it is swept from the face of the earth,—or our vital breath and pulsation cease.

Resolved, that in the opinion of this convention, establishment of exclusive churches and schools for colored people, contributes greatly towards the promotion of prejudice, heretofore unknown in the Canadas, and we do hereby recommend that all such organizations be abandoned as speedily as may be practicable.

Resolved that the British Government is the most favorable in the civilized world to the people of color, and is thereby entitled to our entire confidence.

Resolved, that we recommend to the friends of humanity, to support such presses only as will faithfully vindicate our cause; and that we use our best efforts to extend the circulation of the "Voice of the Fugitive."

On motion, the convention adjourned to meet at two o'clock, p. m.


President in the chair.

Prayer was offered by the Rev. J Lisle, after which, the minutes were read and approved.

Moved by John Scoble, Esq., seconded by William H. Harris, that a committee be formed to draw up an address as emanating from this convention, and embodying in its spirit the sentiments embraced in the various resolutions which have been adopted, and that the same committee be a committee of revision and publication.

Moved by Mr. Scobie, and seconded by Rev. H. Henson, that Mr. Bibb be one of that committee; J T Fisher and J D Tinsley were also appointed to complete that committee.

The following amendment, offered by Mr. Scoble to a resolution offered by Mr. Fisher, was unanimously adopted.

Resolved, that the formation of a great league of the colored people of the North and South American continents, and of the West Indies, for the general abolition of slavery for the protection of the common rights of their brethren throughout the world and for their social, political and moral elevation, be recommended to the consideration of a committee of five persons, to be appointed by this convention; and that they take the necessary steps to acquire information, and to report at such a time, and in such a manner, as they may think proper, the result of their inquiries and deliberations.

Resolved, that this convention recommend, as worthy of our support, the Government of Great Britain and her West Indian colonies and Canadian provinces, in preference to Central America, or any other country tainted with slavery; and we do recommend to all our friends in the free states, to settle under its protection.

On motion, the convention adjourned to meet at seven o'clock, p.m.


The Convention was called to order by the present.

Prayer was offered by Rev. Israel Campbell; minutes of afternoon session were read and approved.

On motion, resolved that we tender our thanks to the anti-slavery societies of the city of Toronto and the Elgin Association, for their kindness toward our friends since the passage of the fugitive slave enactments.

On motion, resolved that a committee of seven persons be appointed to correspond on the subject of calling another convention.

The following gentlemen were appointed a committee of correspondence.

Henry Bibb, Sandwich, Canada West,

Samuel R Ward, Boston, Massachusetts,

Wm H Topp, Albany, New York,

A D Shadd, West Chester, Pennsylvania,

David Jenkins, Columbus, Ohio,

A G. Beeman, Newhaven, Connecticut.

William Lambert, Michigan.

On motion, Mr Hiram Wilson was added to the business committee.

The convention was then addressed by Dr M R Delaney, in an eloquent manner.

On motion, a vote of thanks was tendered by the convention to the chairman and officers for the very able and impartial manner in which they have discharged their several duties.

On motion, the convention adjourned sine die.

The following letters were delivered in and read during the sitting of the Convention.

ALBANY, September 10.

To the President and members of the Convention now sitting in Toronto.

Gentlemen,—I deeply regret the necessity of disappointing both you and myself in be-

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