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Proceedings for the North American Convention held in Toronto, Canada, 1851


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On motion, the convention adjourned until seven o'clock this evening.


The minutes of the afternoon session were read and approved.

Several eloquent and effective addresses were delivered by Messrs Bibb, Lisle, Hiram Wilson and JP Campbell.

Moved by JT Fisher, that the business community be enlarged by an addition of four.

WH Topp, J Lyles, F Russel, and H K Thomas, were added.

Moved by Mr. Baker, that a committee of three be appointed, to wait on the Trustees of the First Baptist Chapel, of this city, to ascertain whether they will grant the use of it for the holding of this convention.

D Hollins, J Lisle, and J D Tinsley were appointed.

On motion, the meeting adjourned to meet tomorrow, the 12th instant, at nine o'clock, a. m.


The convention met according to adjournment.

Prayer by Mr Lisle, after which the roll was called, and minutes of previous day were read and adopted.

On motion of Mr Harris, reports from the several delegates, setting forth the moral, civil, and pecuniary condition of our people, in their respective localities, were listened to with much attention, and, in some instances, with great satisfaction.

On motion, the following resolution reported by the business committee was called up for consideration, with Mr Scoble of England arose, and in an able and eloquent manner, recommended its adoption.

Resolved, that chattel slavery, as now existing in the United States, is repugnant to Divine Revelation—to reason, conscience, and common sense,—that it is a most flagrant violation of the letter and spirit of Christianity, and ought, at once, and for ever, to be abolished.

On motion, the convention adjourned to meet at two oclock, p.m.


The convention met as per adjournment.

Prayer by Rev. JP Campbell, minutes of the morning session were read and adopted.

The following additional resolutions were reported by the business committee:

1. Resolved, that this convention impress upon the minds of our people the great necessity of acquiring education and wealth. 2. Resolved, that we recommend to the people, abstinence from all intoxicating liquors, that they may, by so doing, save dollars for themselves and their children.

Whereas, the independence and stability of the farmers' life throw around them the elements of character essential to happiness and progress, therefore,

Resolved, that this convention recommend to the people to cultivate the soil as one of the surest means by which to attain to respectability influence, and independence.

Resolved, that this convention impress upon the minds of parents the necessity and advantage of their children learning trades; and that parents do not discharge their duty to their children, who do not make sacrifices to promote that end.

Resolved, that the convention recommend to the colored people of the U.S. of America, to emigrate to the Canadas instead of going to Africa or the West India Islands, that they, by so doing, may be better able to assist their brethren who are daily dying from American slavery.

On motion, the report was received, and the Resolutions were adopted excepting the fourth which was laid over for the time, but adopted at a subsequent period.

On motion, a committee on statistics, consisting of the following gentlemen, was appointed by the President: JP Campbell, Wm H Topp, and HR Thomas.

On motion, the convention adjourned to meet again at seven o'clock this evening.


President in the chair.

Messers WW Anderson, of Jamaica, and John Scoble Esq., of England; being solicited, came forward, and occupied the attention of the convention, with able and eloquent addresses in favor of emigration to Jamaica.

Mr. Scoble spoke, at great length, on the duty of looking upon all available locations on this continent whether Canada, West Indies, or South America, as offering especial inducements, to the colored man to promote enterprise intelligence and industry, and as furthering the great designs of the Deity in his final success.

On motion, a vote of thanks was tendered to those gentlemen for their information and able addresses.


President in the chair.

Divine blessing was invoked by the Rev. Israel Campbell, of Windsor.

The minutes of the previous session were read and approved.

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