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Proceedings of the National Conference of Colored Men of the United States, Held in the State Capitol at Nashville Tennessee, May 6, 7, 8 and 9, 1879.


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in all that belong to American citizens, sweep away the oft-repeated declaration of Democratic orators, Congressmen and newspapers, that under Democratic rule the Negro of the South was better off, better contented and better protected than he was under Republican rule. Southern Democratic orators in Congress may assert that the Negro is quiet and contented under their government. They are quickly and decisively answered by the fact that they are leaving their sunny Southern homes for Northern climes and the fullest liberty. This exodus is an argument against the declaration of their content, and an argument that can neither be gainsaid nor successfully denied.

We beg leave to submit the following resolutions : Whereas the political and civil rights of the colored people from the Ohio River to the Gulf of Mexico are abridged and curtailed in every conceivable manner;

Whereas there seems to be no disposition on the part of the great majority of Southern whites to better this condition of affairs, or to grant the colored people their full rights of citizenship; and

Whereas a further submission to the wrongs imposed, and a further acquiescence in the abrogation of our rights and privileges would prove us unfit for citizenship, devoid of manhood, and unworthy the respect of men; therefore

Resolved, That it is the sense of this Conference that the great current of migration, which has, for the past few months, taken so many of our people from their homes in the South, and which is still carrying hundreds to the free and fertile West, should be encouraged and kept in motion until those who remain are accorded every right and privilege guaranteed by the Constitution and laws.

Resolved, That we recommend great care on the part of those who migrate. They should leave home well prepared with certain knowledge of localities to which they intend to move ; money enough to pay their passage and enable them to begin life in their new homes with prospect of ultimate success.

Resolved, That this Conference indorse the Windom Committee as the permanent National Executive Committee on migration.

Resolved, That the American Protective Society, organized by this Conference, be, and are hereby, authorized and ordered to co-operate with the said committee in the earnest endeavor to secure homes in the West for those of our race who are denied the full enjoyment of American citizenship.

We also recommend the adoption of the following resolution :

Resolved, That this Conference recommend that the National Executive Committee, of which Senator Windom is chairman, appoint a committee of three to visit the Western States and Territories, and report not later than the 1st of November upon the health, climate, and productions of said States and Territories.

Hon. J. T. Rapier. Alabama; George N. Perkins, Arkansas; J. C. Napier, Tennessee; R. W. Fitzhugh, Mississippi; G. W. Gentry, Kentucky; Hon. J. H. Burch, Louisiana; W. R. L awton, Missouri; W. B. Higginbotham, Georgia; .John Avertt, Virginia; J. H. S. Parker, District of Columbia; B. F. Williams, Texas; D. Jones, Oregon; J. D. Lewis, Pennsylvania; F.L. Barnett, Illinois; Colonel Robert Harlan, Ohio; H. G. Newsom, Nebraska; Hon. J. H. Rainey, South Carolina; S. E. Hardy, Minnesota; G. L. Knox, Indiana—Committee.


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