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Proceedings of the National Conference of Colored Men of the United States, Held in the State Capitol at Nashville Tennessee, May 6, 7, 8 and 9, 1879.


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1. The word State, wherever used hi this constitution, shall be deemed to be equivalent to State, Territory , and the District of Columbia.

2. Dues.—Each member shall pay $1 to the treasury as annual dues, and no person shall be qualified to exercise any privilege of membership who is in default. Such dues shall be payable and the payment thereof enforced as may be provided by the by-laws. Members shall be entitled to receive all publications of the society free of charge.

3. Amendments.—This constitution may be altered or amended by a vote of three-fourths of the members present at any Annual Conference; but no such change shall be made at any Annual Conference at which less than thirty members are present.

4. Reference.—Any disagreement or controversy which may arise between any branch societies, or between any branch society and the National Society, shall be referred to and fully determined and settled by the executive committee of the National Society.

The treasurer of the National Society and the treasurer of each branch society must keep all moneys received by them on deposit in some bank or safe trust company, and furnish a bond to be approved by the respective societies as security for the same, and all amounts paid out must be approved by the respective societies :


This is to certify that the National Conference of colored men convened at Nashville, Tenn., May 6, 1879, organized an American Protection Society.

The bearer ______________________________________________

was duly appointed vice-president according to the provision of the constitution adopted by said society, and is hereby invested with full power and authority to carry out the intention of said society.

_________, President.

_________ , Secretary.

Your committee further recommend that the president appoint the following gentlemen vice-presidents of their respective States, in conformity with the said constitution : Alabama, J. T. Rapier ; Arkansas, Geo. M. Perkins; Georgia, W. P. Pledger; District of Columbia, J. H. S. Parker ; Indiana, Robert Nicholas ; Illinois, John J. Bird ; Minnesota, S.E. Hardy; Kansas, T. W. Henderson; Kentucky, Rev. Allen Allansworth ; Louisiana, James D. Kennedy; Missouri, Rev. John H. Johnson ; Pennsylvania, Wm. Still ; Mississippi, Thomas Richardson ; Ohio, Robt. Harlan ; Oregon, Rev. Daniel Jones ; South Carolina, Hon. J. H. Rainey ; Texas, Richard Allen ; Virginia, Robt. A. Perkins; Tennessee, J. C. Napier.

All of which we respectfully submit :

J .D. Lewis, Pennsylvania; W. H. McAlpin, Alabama; J. P. Jones, Arkansas ; Rev. G. W. Levere, Tennessee ; J . H. Bufford, Mississippi ; J. F. C. Snoden, Kentucky; C. A. Burgos, Louisiana; W. R. Lawton, Missouri ; H. G. Newsom , Nebraska ; Hon. J. H. Rainey, South Carolina ; S.E. Hardy, Minnesota; Rev. W. H. Anderson, Indiana; T. W. Henderson, Kansas ; J. H. Delamotte, Georgia ; J. H. S. Parker, District of Columbia ; E. H. Anderson, Texas; Rev. D. Jones, Oregon ; F. L. Barnett, Illinois ; Robt. Harlan, Ohio.

The following, on nomination of their delegations, were selected as the State executive committee of the American Protective Society, to perfect the organization in their respective districts :

Indiana—Robert Nicholas, F. D. Morton, Simon Daniels, Mr. Knox , C.

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