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Proceedings of the National Conference of Colored Men of the United States, Held in the State Capitol at Nashville Tennessee, May 6, 7, 8 and 9, 1879.


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issue a certificate for the formation of any branch society, to be formed under the seal of this society.

Sec. 5. That each branch society shall be organized under seal and to the order of the Vice-President of the State wherein formed, for the objects herein named, and governed according to the established laws of this society and the customary usage of their State as to their respective officers, membership, and by-laws, and who shall, in the absence of a national incorporation, incorporate under the laws of their respective States.

Sec. 6. That the society solicit the co-operation and assistance of capitalists, moneyed men. and other benevolent societies to assist in promoting healthy settlements of colored people in the West upon agricultural lands ; that each branch society shall be empowered to receive gifts or bequests from any person or persons who may die within the district where such branch society may be located, and to collect in a legitimate way from any source whatsoever any money or aid for the advancement of the society and objects herein named, and, to report the same to the State vice-president semi-annually.

Sec. 7. That the application of all funds thus collected shall be applied, by the State whereof it shall have been collected, for the objects herein named, subject to the approval of the vice-president of the State thereof, and subject also to an assessment of 10 per cent, upon all moneys received by each branch society, to be paid into the treasury of the American Society, and distributed by them, subject to the approval of the executive committee thereof.

Sec. 8. Any person shall be eligible to membership of this society who shall be twenty-one years of age, and who shall favor and approve the objects of the said society ; and that all other existing societies having like purposes, and accepting the laws of this society, may be received in a body as branch societies thereof.

Sec. 9. That each branch society shall have the privilege of sending one delegate to the Annual Conference for fifty members. and one delegate for every additional one hundred members thereof

Sec. 10. That the executive committee of this society shall have the power to nominate and invite to every Annual Conference as many members thereof as will fairly and proportionately represent each State in the Union.

Sec. 11. This society shall meet annually in convention, at such time and place as the executive committee may select, and those present at such meeting shall constitute a quorum -- public notice of the same. to be given in at least one newspaper of each State.

Sec. 12. The vice-president of each State shall place a concise, written statement of the workings of each society formed in his State in the hands of the president at least two weeks before the annual meeting, which statement must show place and time of meeting, the number of members. the number of officers, the net amount of money received and paid out, and the purpose for which it was paid out, and what, if any, established society has amalgamated therewith.

Sec. 13. The president shall open each Annual Convention of the society with an address, in which he shall communicate the most noteworthy events in each State which may have any bearing on the objects of this society, to make a recapitulation of the reports received by him of branch societies in every State, and to advise such measures as in his judgment should receive the attention of the convention immediately after which the convention shall nominate and elect its officers for the ensuing year. The same person shall not be elected president two years in succession.

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