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Proceedings of the National Conference of Colored Men of the United States, Held in the State Capitol at Nashville Tennessee, May 6, 7, 8 and 9, 1879.


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have been traced to these sources. I am satisfied also that the night meetings of the colored people produce a great amount of sickness among them. Crowded together as they are in bad ventilated churches and meeting houses, with the temperature ranging from 75 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and in most cases during the cold weather the windows being closed, and no ventilation being allowed, no one will for a moment doubt its effects. These meetings are kept up till a late hour, and many if not the whole congregation, from the excitement and exercises attending upon the religious proceedings, are often bathed in perspiration, and in this condition are dismissed for home to cool off in the street, and therefore to contract catarrhs and pneumonias and various diseases of a fatal character. The same may be said of the pound parties and other promiscuous assemblages of various kinds. Now, notwithstanding that there has been a discrepancy in our favor of about 9,000 in the population that should have been placed to our credit in making out the death rate, still you will no doubt have noticed that the mortality of this District of the colored people has been fearful as compared to the white population. I think also that it is quite apparent as to the causes. I will now call your attention to the statistics in other cities as far as I can give them, because, as I have already told you, they are very imperfect everywhere:

1878. Population—Baltimore, Md., white,— colored—. Deaths—white 5,759, colored 1,574; births and marriages not classified.

1877. Population—Philadelphia, white 930,000, colored 30,000. Deaths—white 15,041, colored 963; births, white 17,619, colored 38.

1877. Population Richmond, Virginia,—white 44,400, colored 33,100. Deaths—white 677, colored 940; still births, white 41, colored 106. Deaths for seven years from 1871 to 1877, white 5,290, colored 6,492; births not classified.

1877. Population—Charleston, S. C., white 24,528, colored 32,012. Deaths— white 555 or 1 in 44.19, colored 1,258 or 1 in 25.44. Deaths for 1874, 1875, 1876 and 1877, white 2,56.5. colored 5,071; births and marriages not reported.

1877. St. Louis, Mo— Deaths, colored 554; births, colored 198; still born 38.

1871. Population of Ohio— White 2,601,946, colored 63,213; ,per cent. of colored to white 2.38. Deaths— white 24,208, colored 1,071; per cent, of colored to white 4.42. No statistics of births or marriages were reported in this year.

1872. Population same as in year before. Deaths—white 24,545, colored 657; per cent, of colored to white 2.67. Births white 59,744, colored 1,391; per cent, of colored to white 2.33, Increase by birth, whites 1.3 per cent., colored 1.1 per cent. No separate record of marriages.

1875. Population same as before. Deaths— white 26,812, colored 659; per cent, of colored to white 2.45. Births— white 58,988, colored 1,080; per cent, of colored to white 1.8. Increase by births, white 1.2 per cent., colored .66. Marriages, white 23,052, colored 437; per cent, of colored to white 1.8.

1876. Population same as before. Deaths—white 26.266, colored 726, per cent, of colored to white 2.7. Births—white 61,410, colored 1,165; percent, of colored to white 1.8. Increase by births, white .99 per cent., colored .71. Marriages, white 25,761, colored 422; per cent, of colored to white 1.6.

1877. Population same as before. Deaths—white 27,665, colored 795; per cent, of colored to white 2.8. Births— white 62,020, colored 1,543. Marriages, white 24,693, colored 892; per cent, of colored to white 3.6.


1871. Per cent, of deaths, 4.42; 1872, per cent, of deaths, 2.67; 1875, percent, of deaths, 2.45; 1876, per cent, of deaths, 2.7; 1877, per cent, of deaths, 2.8. Average per cent., 3.01

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