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Proceedings of the National Conference of Colored Men of the United States, Held in the State Capitol at Nashville Tennessee, May 6, 7, 8 and 9, 1879.


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The Committee on Civil Rights was appointed the Prosecuting Committee, and the Collecting Committee, appointed under the report, are as follows :

J .C. Napier, Nashville, Tenn.; R. W. Fitzhugh, Natchez , Miss.; Rev.Bishop Miles, Louisville, Ky.; Col. James Lewis, New Orleans, La.; J . W. Wilson, St. Louis, Mo.; Judge M. W. Gibbs, Little Rock, Ark.; R.R. Wright, Cuthbert, Ga.; F. D. Morton, Evansville, Ind.; Hon. Richard Allen, Houston, Texas; Rev. D. Jones, Oregon; F. J. Loudin, Pittsburg, Pa.; F. L. Barnett, Chicago, Ill.; Col. Robert Harlan, Cincinnati, Ohio; H. G. Newsom, Hastings, Neb.; Hon. J . H. Rainey, St. Denis Hotel, New York.

The Committee on Migration submitted its report. [See Appendix N.]

It was read by J . H. Burch, of Louisiana.

Rev. J. C. Embry, who was to have opened with a discussion on migration, sent a letter, which will be found in Appendix O.

A debate of three hours on the report followed. Twenty-three speeches indorsing it were made, and at 12:15 a. m. the report was unanimously adopted.

Resolutions of thanks to the Chairman, Secretaries, Governor of Tennessee, the American, and the citizens of Nashville were adopted, and the following offered by T. Green, of Mississippi.

Whereas invitations to visit several institutions of this city have been tendered this Conference; and

Whereas, a press of business prevented us from complying with said invitations ; therefore

Resolved, That it is a source of deep regret that we could not find it practicable to visit said universities.

Resolved, That these institutions have our hearty support and undivided sympathy and cooperation in their great work of uplifting our people from the thraldom of ignorance to the light of education and refinement.

The Chairman, in a few words of good advice to his brother delegates, then pronounced the conference adjourned sine die.

J . W. CROMWELL , Secretary.

F. L. BARNETT, Recording Secretary.

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