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Proceedings of the National Conference of Colored Men of the United States, Held in the State Capitol at Nashville Tennessee, May 6, 7, 8 and 9, 1879.


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Resolved. That the colored man of the South save his dollars and cents in order to emigrate.

Resolved That we pay no heed to such men as Fred. Douglass and his accomplices, for the simple reason that they are well-to-do Northern men who will not travel out of their way to benefit the suffering Southern Negro, and who are not for the interests of their race.

By G. W. Gentry: Resolution to make the subject of migration paramount in the discussion immediately upon the report of the committee.

Wm. R. Lawton, of Missouri, in lieu of a resolution, wished to present an appeal from the colored citizens asking for aid for the destitute emigrants in that State.

Objection was made, and the paper was read as a resolution.

By C. O. H. Thomas: Resolution expressing indignation at an order prohibiting colored citizens in New Orleans from holding their meetings after 10 p. m.

By Rev. G. H. Shaffer: Resolution demanding the employment of colored teachers in colored schools.

By W. F. Anderson: Resolution requesting the railroads to pass all delegates home free who paid full fare to the convention.

By J. H. Kelley: Resolution urging the adoption of a system of emigration.

By T. W. Lott: To appoint a committee of three on the colored press.

By J. W. Grant: Asking Congress to appropriate an amount for 259 years for the assistance of those needing aid to emigrate to Kansas.

By B. A. J. Nixon: That the Conference insist on the authorities in impaneling juries to give the colored a portion of the jury, and especially when the prisoners at the bar are colored; that when candidates are electioneering they be asked whether they are willing to grant that right.

By J. M. Smith, of Tennessee:

Whereas there is great excitement among our race of people that is causing great suffering: We therefore ask of this Conference to use their best influence in pacifying the minds of their countrymen. We ignore the practice that is played upon the colored man in this country. We therefore ask this honorable Conference to give some aid, if possible, to their countrymen. The real cause is the reduction of wages and the shameful manner in which we are treated in traveling over the great thoroughfares of the country. We also clamor for our rights as free citizens in the country, which are denied us. This excitement is causing an exodus which is causing much suffering. They are leaving the homes of their childhood, trusting their fortune to an experiment. It is an experiment which, if it fails, will ruin us forever. We therefore ask that this matter be carefully considered and the minds of the people pacified. Thousands have left their homes penniless, not knowing when or where it will end. We therefore demand all of our rights as citizens, and. unless we do receive our just rights, we resolve to emigrate to the North or Northwest. We pledge ourselves to come together in all parts of the country as free citizens and demand our rights. We know the color line has been struck, and unless it be withdrawn, we will immediately seek

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