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Proceedings of the National Conference of Colored Men of the United States, Held in the State Capitol at Nashville Tennessee, May 6, 7, 8 and 9, 1879.


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receive that treatment, attention, consideration and respect he is entitled to under the law in the South, the South is the place for him. If not, they are justified in receiving it where they can. [Applause.] Then let us go calmly, dispassionately, and when all classes begin to see their mistakes, perhaps all will come together, seal up all past differences, conceding the rights of all, and continued peace and harmony and good will and friendship will prevail, and the South will prosper.

J . W. Cromwell, of Virginia, was elected secretary, and F. L. Barnett, of Illinois, recording secretary.

Rev. G. W. Le Vere, of Tennessee, offered prayer.

J. Henri Burch, of Louisiana, moved that the secretaries make out a roll of delegates. Carried.

Robert Nicholas, of Indiana, was elected vice-president.

The Conference then took a recess until 3 p. m.


By the time the hands of the clock in the hall pointed to the hour of 3, the galleries were thronged until there was not even standing room.

Ex-Congressman Rapier, of Alabama, was appointed secretary, in the absence of one of the regular secretaries.

John D. Lewis, of Philadelphia, moved the appointment of a committee on order of business.

C. O. H. Thomas, of Tennessee, moved to strike out "five" and insert "one from each State."

Rev. Allan Allensworth, of Kentucky, moved to lay this motion on the table, which was lost.

The original resolution was then adopted, and the Chair announced the following committee : J . D. Lewis, of Pennsylvania ; James D. Kennedy, of Louisiana ; Richard Allen, of Texas ; C. O .H. Thomas, of Tennessee ; R. R. Wright, of Georgia.

Governor Pinchback called attention to the fact that the convention had taken a recess in order to allow a roll of delegates to be prepared. He called for the report of the roll of delegates.

This call was sustained, and the secretary read the roll of delegates as follows:

Alabama.—Rev. J . W. Washington, Uniontown; H.C. Binford, box 33, Courtland; Edward Pope, Samuel Lowery, D.S. Brandon, W. H. Council, Huntsville; Rev. W. O . Lynch, Rev. W.H. McAlpine, Marion; David Wilson, Rev. J . M. Goodloe, Huntsville; G. S. W. Lewis, Uniontown ; W. .J . Stephens, Selma; J.H. Thomason, Athens; S.P. Smith, Stevenson, Jackson county; Rev. Peter C. Murphy, Mobile; David Ripley; Rev. W.H. Ashe, Florence; L.W. Cummins, Mobile; Hon. J.G.Rapier, H. V. Cashin. Montgomery; P.J. Crenshaw, Athens.

ARKANSAS.—M. W.Gibbs, Little Rock; J. P. Jones, clerk of Desha, Watson; J. R. Rowland, Rev. J. T. Jenifer, Little Rock; H. W. Wadkins, Arkadelphia; George N. Perkins, Campbell; G. B. Antoine, Isaac Gillem , Little Rock; David A. Robinson, Pine Bluff; M.G. Turner, H. B. Robinson, Helena; S. H. Holland, Lake Village, Chicot county.

Georgia.—Rev. L. H. Holsey, Augusta; C. C. Wimbush, Rev. J. H. Wood, S. C. Upshaw, Atlanta; W. B. Higginbotham, Rome; Madison Blount;

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