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Proceedings of the National Emigration Convention of Colored People Held at Cleveland, Ohio, On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, The 24th, 25th, and 26th of August, 1854

1854 Cleveland OH State Convention 48.pdf

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Consists of-~. Square miles, Popnlation in 1840~ lJruguay, - - 92,000 - - - 75,000 Chili, - - 170,000 - - - 1,500,000 Patagonia, - - 370,000 - - - 30,000 The total area of these States is 7,050,000 (seven millions anci fifty thousand,) square miles; but comparatively little (450,000 square miles,) less than the whole area of North America, in which we live. But one State in South America.I3razil-is an abj.ect slave- holding State; and even here, all free men are socially and political- ly equal, negroes and colored men partly of African descent, hold- ing offices of honor, trust and rank, without restriction. J~i the oth-- er States, slavery is not known, all the inhabitants enjoying political equality, restrictions on account of color being entirely unknown, unless, indeed, necessity indjices it, when, in all such cases, the preference is given to the colored man, to put a check to European presumption, and insufferable Yankee intrusion and impudence. The aggre~ate population was 14,040,000, (fourteen millions and forty thousand,) in 1840. Allowing for thirteen years th~ same ra- tio of increase as that of the Central American Statesbeing one- third, (4,680,000)and this gives at present a population of 18,- 720,000 in South America. Add to this the population of the Antilless and Guatimala, and this gives a population in the West Indies, Central and South America of 24;470,oOO (twenty-four millions, four hundred and sev- enty thoilsand) inhabitants. But one-seventh of this population, 3,495,714, (three millions, four hundred and ninety-five thousand, seven hundred and four- teen,) being white, or of pure Evropean extraction, there is a popu- lation throughout this vast area of 20,974,286 (twenty millions, nine hundred and seventy-four thousand, two hundred and eighty- six,) colored persons, who constitute, from the immense preponder- ance of their numbers, the ruling element, as they ever must be, of those countries. There are no influences that could be brought to bear to change this most fortunate and Heaven-designed state and condition of things. Nature here has done her own work, which the art of knaves nor the schemes of deep-designing political impostors can never reach. This is a fixed fact in the zodiac of the political heavens, that the blacks and colored people are the stars which

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