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Proceedings of the National Emigration Convention of Colored People Held at Cleveland, Ohio, On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, The 24th, 25th, and 26th of August, 1854

1854 Cleveland OH State Convention 26.pdf

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Therefore, as the Declaration of Sentiments anti Platform of this Convention, be it—


Resolved, That we acknowledge the natural equality of the Human Race.


—That man is by nature free, and cannot be enslaved, except by injustice and oppression.


—That the right to breathe the Air and use the Soil on which the Creator has placed us, is co-inherent with the birth of man, and coeval with his existence; consequently, whatever interferes with this sacred inheritance, is the joint ally of Slavery, and at war against the just decree of Heaven: Hence, man cannot be independent without possessing the land on which he resides.


—That whatever interferes with the natural rights of man, should meet from him with adequate resistence.


—That, under no circumstances, let the consequences be as they may, will we ever submit to enslavement, let the power that attempts it, eminate from whatever source it will.


—That no people can have political liberty without the sovereign right to exercise a freeman's will.


—That no individual is politically free who is deprived of the right of self representation.


—That to be a freeman necessarily implies the right of the elective franchise.


—That the privilege of voting does not necessarily imply an exercise of the Elective Franchise, since a vote may be given, while the franchise is denied, to the individual who gives the vote.*


—That the elective franchise necessarily implies eligibility to every position attainable; the indisputable right of being chosen or elected as the representative of another, and otherwise than this the term is the sheerest imposition and delusion.

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