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Proceedings of the State Convention of the colored citizens of Tennessee, held in Nashville, Feb. 22d, 23d, 24th & 25th, 1871.


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Hon. Edward Shaw, of Shelby county, stated that he could name nine school houses that have been burned in his county. He made a startling statement of the condition of the colored people in the State, and urged every member to state particularly in regard to the suffering on every side, and in almost every civil district.

The following from the Committee on Finance was adopted.


Your Committee on finance would respectfully report in favor of imposing a tax of one dollar upon each member, in order to defray the current expenses of the Convention, and that a donation be taken up from the audience to pay for the use of the house, and your humble committee suggest that they proceed to wait upon the audience forthwith, for that purpose.


Chairman of Finance Committee.



The delegate from Smith county reported that in the seventeenth district a school house had been burned down lately.

Thomas McClennon, a colored federal soldier was shot down in the act of prayer. He was a member of the African M. E. Church, and an honorable man.

At Prosperity Meeting House, in Dekalb county, the meeting was fired into by the Kuklux and the colored men whipped them off and killed one of their number. Col. Joe. Blackburn has been notified to leave Dekalb county.

A colored man in Jackson county was skinned alive. The colored people are not even allowed church privileges.


The Convention met at half past eight o'clock, President William Butler in the chair.

Prayer was offered by Rev. E. A. Anderson.

A vote of thanks was tendered to the various railroads for furnishing free transportation to the delegates home,

A resolution was adopted requesting each member of the Convention to raise funds to pay for the publishing of the minutes of the Convention.

A resolution was adopted requesting the colored people of each county to appoint a committee which should report to the respective Executive Committees in each division of the State.

A resolution was offered that the President appoint, a committee of three to select a suitable person to proceed to Washington and to present to Congress the proceedings of the Convention. Adopted, and C. M. Johnson, J. H. Sailor, and J. P. Price appointed said committee.

The committee, after consultation, appointed Samuel Lowery, and the appointment was concurred in by the convention.

A resolution was adopted that each county pay five dollars toward defraying the current expenses of the Convention, except Davidson which should pay $20.00, Sumner $10.00, Shelby $15.00, and Rutherford $10.00.

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