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Proceedings of the State Convention of the colored citizens of Tennessee, held in Nashville, Feb. 22d, 23d, 24th & 25th, 1871.


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Executive Committee for Middle Tennessee--Davidson County, W. F. Anderson, Wm. Butler, Nelson Walker, D. L. Lapsley, Samuel Lowery, A. Menefee, M. E. Johnson, John Cockrill, C. M. Johnson, J. P. Price, Jackson Golden, J. M. Shelton,


Shelby County: Rev. J. W. Early, Edward Shaw, Alexander Dickinsen, John M. Johnson, J. H. Sailor.


W. F. Yardley, Esq., A. B. Parker, Rev. G. W. Lanier, David Brown, William Potter, Moses Smith, ______Washam,

Resolved, That, the Executive Committees appointed shall have all power to act in behalf of the colored citizens in all matters pertaining to the interest and welfare of their race.

Resolved, That this Convention send a delegate to present our cause to the Executive and Congress.

Whereas, The colored citizens of the state of Tennessee desire the success and continuance of the Republican party upon the principles of equality and justice to our race, not only in the assembling in conventions and the deliberations of such bodies, but representation in proportion to our votes by the nomination of candidates for office of colored men of our own race and color: and

Whereas, We have steadfastly as a race supported the Republican party in this State in the elections, both State and National, and there has not been a single colored candidate or person advanced to any position of honor, profit or trust from either: therefore be it

Resolved, That we respectfully ask of the Executive of this government whom we have supported amid the perils of life and limb, and are ready again to go forth and strive to our utmost to re-elect and sustain, to distribute among the colored citizens a fair proportion of the offices, honors and emoluments.

Resolved, That we will not blindly follow the lead of any sham Republicanism which will discriminate against the colored citizens, and fill all the offices with white citizens, while they are to be elected by three-fourths of their votes from colored men.

Resolved, That we believe it to be our duty to take such steps in this convention to reorganize the Republican party. And that a committee be appointed in each division of the State, for the unity of colored citizens to their one common interest of our race. that will insure the success of the people throughout the State.

All of which is respectfully submitted, Samuel Lowery, M. R. Johnson, J. P. Price, D. Anderson, John Claiborne.

The following Resolutions were introduced by the Committee appointed to select a delegate to Washington and present memorials, which was unanimously adopted.

Whereas, Samuel Lowery, Esq., of Nashville, Tenn, has been outraged by the Kuklux outlaws, and his wife and children assaulted and maltreated in the hours of midnight, and we having undoubted confidence in his integrity and patriotism as a citizen, and being confident of his ability to perform the duties of a Representative; therefore

Resolved, That this Convention appoint him a delegate to bear our memorials and resolutions to the General Government and authorities at Washington and represent fully our grievances, condition and necessities.

Resolved, That it shall be the duty of each division of the State to transmit immediately, funds sufficient to pay the necessary expenses of Samuel Lowery as a delegate to Washington city.

J. A. Sailor. J. P. Price, G. H. Johnson. Committee.

At a mass meeting of the colored citizens of Knoxville, Tennessee, February 16th, 1871, the following business was ordered to be transmitted to the State Convention of the 22d, 23rd and 24th of February, 1871:

Resolved, That the colored citizens of Knoxville send to our kith and kin in Middle and West Tennessee our congratulations for the manner in which they have demeaned themselves through the trials which they have gone. We congratulate them upon their achievements in the way of the establishment of schools, churches, and of their devotion to the Federal Government and the Republican Party.

Resolved, That we wish them God speed, and hope their portion of the State may soon be relieved from the curse of Kuklux outrages.

The following are the statistics for Knox county:

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