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Proceedings of the State Convention of the colored citizens of Tennessee, held in Nashville, Feb. 22d, 23d, 24th & 25th, 1871.


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On Education: Joseph Lusher, A. L. Carr, John Claiborne, R. D. Williamson, J. W. H. Peyton.

On Outrages and Crimes: A. E. Anderson, C. M, Johnson, T. S. Stewart, Ed. Shaw, J. P. Price.

On Labor and Contracts: J. H. Sailor, R M Hanmer, P Miller, Richard Ware, Isaac Sharp.

On Finance: W. F. Anderson, Geo S Hayden, Rev. M. R Johnson, J. P Price, J. M. Shelton.

On motion of Rev M R Johnson, the convention adjourned to meet to-morrow morning at 9 o'clock.


The Convention assembled at 10 o'clock with Vice President Shaw in the chair. Prayer was offered by Rev A E Anderson.

Mr Samuel Lowery offered a resolution, which was adopted, that the convention secure the picture of Abraham Lincoln, and the flag of the United States, and pay them due honor by placing them in a conspicuous place in the House, which was done, and the pictures of President Lincoln and John Brown, were hung over the President's chair, surmounted by the American flag.

On motion, all ministers present were considered honorary members of the Convention.

An invitation by Prof. E. K. Spence to visit the Fisk University on to-morrow morning at 9 o'clock was accepted.


The Convention met at two o'clock with President Wm. Butler presiding.

The Finance Committee made a report that each delegate to the Convention be taxed fifty cents to defray the expenses of the Convention. The report was adopted, but subsequently reconsidered and the matter again referred to the committee.

Rev. John Braden, Principal of the Central Tennessee College, was invited to address the Convention. He made a lengthy and very interesting speech, giving much good advice for the benefit of the colored race

On motion of J. M. Shetton, the Convention resolved to visit the Central Tennessee College on Friday at twelve o'clock.

On the invitation of Prof. Spence, the Convention resolved to visit the Fisk University at night, for the purpose of being present at a rehearsal of the Cantata of Esther, which was performed in the most elegant manner by the pupils of that institution. Adjourned to meet at 9 o'clock, Friday morning.


The Convention was called to order by Vice President Shaw. After prayer by Rev. A. E. Anderson, the Convention took a recess to visit, by invitation, the Fisk University, after which the members returned to the convention hall.

The following resolutions offered by Mr. Samuel Lowery, were unanimously adopted.

Resolved, That this Convention cordially commend to the colored citizens of this and adjoining States, the Fisk University at Nashville, Tenn., under the management of Prof. E. K. Spence, and the Central Tennessee College, under the superintendence of Rev. John Braden, as institutions worthy of their patronage and esteem, as

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