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Proceedings of the State Convention of the colored citizens of Tennessee, held in Nashville, Feb. 22d, 23d, 24th & 25th, 1871.


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Nashville, Feb. 22d, 23d, 24th & 25th. 1871.

The State Convention of colored men, heretofore called to meet on Washington's birth day, assembled on Wednesday, 22d inst, at St. John's Chapel on Spruce street in this city, Mr. J. M. Shelton, as chairman of the Davidson County Delegation, called the convention to order and on motion, Mr. E. D. Shaw of Memphis, was chosen temporary chairman, and J. M. Shelton Secretary pro tem. The following members were appointed a committee on credentials: William Butler, Esq., W. F. Anderson, R. M. Hanmer, C. M. Johnson, D. Anderson.

During the absence of the committee, able and interesting addresses were made by Samuel Lowery, John Cockrill and others. The Committee reported the following delegates present:

Davidson County--J. M. Shelton, H. Stevenson, Wesley Terry, Jas. Robertson, Wesley Cloyd, Robt. Johnsen, [Alf ?]Gordon, James Allison, Ralph Puiet, Henry Petty, Abraham Price, George Price, Green Hubart, John Cockrill, Aaron Jennings, W. F. Anderson, Rev. M. R. Johnson, Wm. Butler, Esq., Cyrus Cook, Thos. Byzer, Sam Lowery, D. L. Lapsley, Armstead Shelby; R. D. Campbell, J. Biglow:

Shelby County--Ed. Shaw George Haden, Joseph Lusher, Rev. A. E. Anderson, J. H. Salor.

Williamson County--Peter Ledbetter, John Epps.

Montgomery county--J. W. Peyton, Peter Coraway.

Tipton county--Armstead Boyd, Robert Auston.

Giles county--Robert Johnson, Lewis Dougherty.

Maury county--R. D. Williamson.

Robertson county--A. L. Carr, W. S. Williamson.

Cheatham county--Sylvester Lewis, Carroll Wilson, John McGowan.

Sumner county--C. M. Johnson.

Rutherford county--J. P. Price, T. S. Stewart, O Norman, Alex Webb, J. Brown.

Marshall county--M. Hanmer.

Henry County--John Claiborne,

Obion County--Hardy Jackson.

The House adopted a motion of W. F. Anderson for a committee of five on permanent.organization, and the chair appointed the following members as such committee: Wm. Butler, Esq., W. F. Anderson, C. M. Johnson, D. Anderson, and R. M. Hanmer.

Two Marshalls were appointed by the chair to reserve seats for the delegates.

The committee on permanent Organization made the following report, which was adopted:

For President--Wm. Butler. For Vice Presidents--D. L. Lapsley, Ed, Shaw. Secretaries--Samuel Lowery, Winter Woods.

On motion of W. F. Anderson, the following standing committees: were appointed.

On Resolutions: Samuel Lowery, J. P. Price, D. Anderson, John Claiborne.

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