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Proceedings of the Colored People's Educational Convention held in Jefferson City, Missouri, January , 1870.


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Assembled in general conclave for the purpose of conducing to your educational advancement, we beg you to " lend us your ears." " Knowledge is power." Intellectual culture is essential to your moral and social advancement, and to the perpetuity of your glorious liberty. You need a Normal school for the culture of teachers; the importance of such an institution of learning cannot readily be overrated. You need primary schools organized wherever in the State they do not exist, and the need of them does exist. As citizens of the great State of Missouri, and of the United States of North America, you need a basis of intelligence from which to exercise the high privileges of your citizenship, the full responsibilities of which will, at an early moment, be upon you. As, in the crucial test of the past, whether amid the haunts of peace, or beneath the fiery baptism of battle, you have done your duty right well and nobly, so we beg you will, in the present and in the time to come, be unswervingly loyal to the sacred principles of American constitutional liberty.

All around the sky the opening havens are radiant with the promise of better things to come. The lowering, gloomy winter of your discontent is being made glorious by the bright effulgence of liberty's fair day. The popular sentiment of the nation has, within a single decade, advanced the cause of human progress an entire century. Especially the recipients of the benefits of this great revolution in national feeling, we respectfully beg leave to call upon you to stand in the strength of your resuscitated manhood, according to it all the support that acquisition of intelligence, the accumulation of wealth, and the maintenance of your position can give.

R. W. STOKES, Chairman, New Madrid Co.

J. H. RECTOR, Green county.

J. FLETCHER JORDAN, Howard county.

The following was received from the Business Committee, and, on motion, adopted:

WHEREAS, the colored people of Missouri are greatly indebted to the Missouri Democrat, of St. Louis, for its able and effective defense and advocacy of all their rights for many years, and for the earnest manner in which

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