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Proceedings of the Colored People's Educational Convention held in Jefferson City, Missouri, January , 1870.


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A communication was received from the citizens of Kansas City, Jackson county. It was read to the Convention, and ordered to be spread upon the minutes:

Kansas CITY, January 18, 1870.

Mr. J. M. Turner:

Dear Sir: We, the people of the city of Kansas, county of Jackson, State of Missouri, did assemble in mass at the school-house in said city, to take into consideration, or adopt, measures whereby we could be represented in the Educational Convention, to be held at Jefferson City, January 19, 1870. At the first meeting it was moved by James Wolridge, Esq., that Messrs. J. D. Bowser and J. W. Woodland be the delegates to said Convention, to represent the people at large of this city. At the next meeting it was deemed advisable to send but one delegate, as the times were hard and money scarce. Mir. Bowser was taken up and run, was duly elected. and at that time made no particular objection as to his being able to attend the Convention. Not until last evening, at a meeting that was called to hear the report of the Financial Committee, of which . M. Wolridge is Treasurer, did Mr. Bowser make it known that he could not attend that the School Board would not excuse him on any condition to attend the Convention. We then tried several others for the place, among whom were Messrs. J. M. Wolridge, J. W. Woodland, and others, but owing to the shortness of the time to prepare for going, no one would accept the position; yet we believe that every one feels, and they do manifest, a great deal of interest in the movement, being well aware that their whole interest, socially, morally, religiously and politically, depends upon their education -- theirs, even aged as some of them are, as well as their children's.

After trying, as we have before said, to elect some good, responsible man to represent us, and finding all our efforts unavailing, it was finally resolved that we, the people composing the meeting, do send our hearty approval of the movement, and do hope that the great object sought may be attained. It was resolved that we have the utmost confidence in the integrity and ability of the Hon. J. M. Turner, knowing full well his capacity to bring all his undertakings to a successful conclusion. And, furthermore, from the manly stand taken and patriotic course always pursued by you wherever and whenever the interest of the colored man is in question, and believing that in this, as in all other positions, you will use your best and earnest endeavors to promote ours, as every other interest, we do most respectfully ask you to represent, or appoint a representative for us, the colored people of this district. We have raised some funds for the purpose of sending a delegate. Failing in this, we now ask to be represented by proxy, and we, will defray all expenses arising from such representation, etc. You will do us, the following Corresponding Committee, a favor, to send us an answer immediately, either by letter or telegraph. All expenses paid out of the treasury here. Direct to J. M. Wolridge, Esq.

Yours, with our best regards for your health and prosperity, and sincere wishes for the success of the movement.


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