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Proceedings of the Convention of Colored People Held in Dover, Del., January 9, 1873.

1873DE-State-Dover_Proceedings (5).pdf

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Resolved, First, That our thanks are due said Association for coming to our aid in this our time of great need, and that we hold in grateful appreciation their humane and christian efforts in our behalf.

Second, That we express our high appreciation of the personal labors of the teachers employed, and gladly bear testimony to their uniformly fair character and pledge to them our hearty co-operation and support.

Third, That we recommend to our Legislature to consider the propriety of appropriating to said Association such portion of the present school fund as will enable it to carry on more successfully the work of education among the colored people until such a time as a system adopted by the State may go into operation.

Fourth, That a copy of these resolutions be forwarded to the Actuary of said Association, Miss A. C. Peckham, 607 Market Street, Wilmington, Delaware, and to the presiding officers of the Senate and House of Representatives of the Delaware Legislature.

When the third resolution was read, Rev. Charles R. Horsey, delegate from Milford, thought it best that it should not be adopted. He thought the Legislature might do as the Legislature of Maryland did. The Legislature of Maryland appropriated $50,000 to educate the colored people, but in such way as to be mere "hush money." He thought Delaware might make an appropriation and thus postpone the object sought, viz: "Free Schools supported by taxation for an indefinite period." Other members followed in the same strain, when finally Mr. Prince N. Caldwell, of North Murderkill, moved that the resolution lie on the table, which was unanimously agreed to. The other resolutions were then adopted with the striking out of all that relates to sending copies to the Legislature.

The following resolution, presented by D P. Hamilton, of Wilmington, was unanimously adopted after some discussion, participated in by Messrs. A. R. Henry, D. P. Hamilton, and others :

Resolved, That we suggest to the Legislature of our State the propriety of striking out the word "white" wherever it occurs in the laws and statutes of the State.

T. G. Stewart offered the following, which was adopted without discussion :

Resolved, That we hereby utter our abhorrence of the present penal code so far as it inflicts corporal punishment upon citizens convicted of crime, and regard the whipping post and pillory as blots upon our civilization, and a standing reproach to our State.

Mr. A. R. Henry offered the following on the subject of Temperance :

Resolved, That we urge upon the Legislature of Delaware the great necessity of a "Local Option" law for the better protection of the community against the curse of intoxicating liquors.

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