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Proceedings of the Colored National Convention, held in Franklin Hall, Sixth Street, Below Arch, Philadelphia, October 16th, 17th and 18th, 1855.

1855PA 17.pdf

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Your Committee would recommend private residences as the most suitable places to conduct these conversations as thereby we should get better access to the minds of our females. They could enter freely into the conversations, and correct ideas would finally be inculcated in the sentiments of wives and mothers as to the important part of the great duties which they are to perform in moulding the future character of our youth for improvement, and also by associatIon and community of ideas the wives wiII be prepared to introduce more of the element of the German and French character in social existence carried into our "business relations," of mutual assistance by council, elerkship, and physical labor.

As a people, we must understand that all that all that is not white is black, and all that is not black is white, we would recommend our clergy, our teachers, and leading men, and above all our women on whom we must depend for our future leaders to inculcate a disposition for trades, agriculture and such of the higher branches of business as are necessary and requislte to develope persistance—our requirement to do something for the advancement of Society from the cradle to the grave! that each may leave his or her foot-prints upon the earth for good-tangible evidence that each has done somewhat to destroy caste—and to destroy the opinion that we raise our children to that sweet stage of life which prepares them for business (16 years) with no other aspirations than to be a waiter, we cannot hope for much until we shall advance the premium—and hypothecate coupons, on the qualifications of our youth.

Your Committee would further suggest the necessity of raising funds in the different cities, towns, &c., to be funded to the best advantage;—not upon the plan of the Franklin fund, but that if A or B learns his trade and continues sufficiently long at work to accumulate something, that the fund, or such part of it as the Trustees thereof shall deem fit, be loaned for a series of years sufficient to guarantee a hopeful success, provided the applicants can present the legitimate discharge of agreement of apprenticeship, and devotion to business, &c. It would have the effect to build up so many practical mechanics, that young men would not be compelled to turn in disgust from the trades they love and seek the employment of steamships.

This republic is yet in its infancy, and we must grow with it—let us follow in the footsteps of the whites in this respect, as the only tangible ground—we must use similar means to reach

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