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Report of the proceedings of the Colored National Convention held at Cleveland, Ohio, on Wednesday, September 6, 1848.

1848OH 15.pdf

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Colored Freemen of North America to use every means in their power to obtain that science, so as to enable them to measure arms with assailants without and invaders within; therefore,

Resolved, That this Convention appoint Committees in the different States as Vigilant Committees, to organize as such where the same may be deemed practicable.

23. Resolved, That this Convention return their sincere thanks to Judge Andrews and the Bar of Cleveland, in adjourning the Court and tendering to us the use of the Court House for the sittings of the Convention. [See minutes.]

Resolved, That among the means instrumental in the elevation of a people there is none more effectual than a well conducted and efficient newspaper; and believing the North Star, published and edited by Frederick Douglass and M. R: Delany at Rochester, fuIly to answer all the ends and purposes of a national press, we therefore recommend its support to the colored people throughout North America.

24. Resolved, That the Convention recommend to the colored citizens of the several Free States, to assemble in Mass State Conventions annually, and petition the Legislatures thereof to repeal the Black Laws, or all laws militating against the interests of colored people.

25. Whereas, we firmly believe with the Fathers of '76, that . "taxation and representation ought to go together;" therefore,

Resolved, That we are very much in doubt as to the propriety of our paying any tax upon which representation is based, until we are permitted to be represented.

26. Resolved, That, as a body, the professed Christian American Chruches generally, by their support, defence, and participation in the damning sin of American Slavery, as well as cruel prejudice and proscription of the nominally free colored people, have forfeited every claim of confidence on our part, and therefore merit our severest reprobation.

27. Resolved, That Conventions of a similar character to this are well calculated to enhance the interests of suffering humanity, and the colored people generaIly, and that we recommend such assemblages to the favorable consideraion of our people.

28. Resolved, That the next National Convention of Colored Freemen shall be held in Detroit, Michigan, or at Pittsburgh, Pa., some time in the year 1850.

29. Resolved, That among the many oppressive schemes against the colored people in the United States, we view the American Colonization Society as the most deceptive and hypocritical--"clothed with the livery of heaven to serve the devil in," with President Roberts, of Liberia, a colored man, for its leader.

30. Resolved, That we tender to the citizens of Cleveland our unfeigned thanks for the doings of this Convention.

31. Resolved, That the prejudice against color, so called,

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