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Report of the proceedings of the Colored National Convention held at Cleveland, Ohio, on Wednesday, September 6, 1848.

1848OH 14.pdf

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or that body for their suffrages, and earnestly request all. good citizens to use their united efforts to secure their election to the chief offices in the gift of the people.

Resolved, that the great Free Soil Party of the United States, is bound together by a common sentiment expressing the wish of a large portion of the people of this Union, and that we hail with delight this great movement as the dawn of a bright and more auspicious day. [The Resolutions were rejected, but the Preamble prefixed to the 13th Resolution.]

18. Resolved That Love to God and man, and Fidelity to ourselves ought to be the great motto which we will urge upon our people.

19. To the honorable members of the Convention of citizens of color of the United States of America, greeting. I beg leave to report for your consideration the result of my labors as an Agent to promote a project of home emigration to the State of Michigan. * * * I was appointed on October the 21th, in the year 1845 by an organization of gentlemen of color in the Vicinity of Lewis, Ohio. * * The object of my agency was to explore wild unsettled territory. * *I found large and fertile tracts of government land, In Kent and other counties but in Oceana and Mason counties there are peculiar facilities which do not present themselves in any of the other parts of the State which I have visited. Oceana and Mason are lake counties with about sixty miles seaboard. There are navigable rivers emptying into Lake Michigan and affording at their mouths good harbors, delightful sites for cities and villages, also with hydraulic powers of every magnitude. Plenty of land ready for the plow at $1,25 per acre. Valuable Timber may be had here in abundance. Grass is now to be found from knee-high to the height of a man. The surface of the meadows is a deep vegetable mould, below which in many places are found beds of Lime. Fruit, FIsh, and Game In abundance. Also, Salt Springs. Plaster of Paris has been discovered there. During the last spring a constant trade was kept up between these lands and Chicago, Milwaukee, and the ports on Lake Michigan. There are four sawmills in the two counties. Lumber is wanted at $7 per thousand on the lake shore. Shingles, shingle-bolts, staves, tan-bark, cedar posts, &.c., all bring a liberal price, and demand. Gold and Silver, and provisions during the season of navlgatIon. I now submit the subject &.c. hoping that you will adopt some feasible plan to arouse our people to consider the importance of the same.


20. Resolved, That the thanks of this convention be tendered to the President for the able and Impartial manner In which he has presided over its deliberations.

21. Resolved, That this Convention adjourn sine die on Friday, Sept. 8th, 6 o'clock P. M.

22. Whereas, we find ourselves far behind the military tactics of the civilized world, therefore,

Resolved, That this Convention recommend to the

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