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Report of the proceedings of the Colored National Convention held at Cleveland, Ohio, on Wednesday, September 6, 1848.

1848OH 10.pdf

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The Rule was here suspended, and the time of adjournment extended to 7 o'clock. After an animated discussion upon the indefinite postponement, the Rules were suspended to hear remarks from a lady who wished to say something on the subject of the Rights of Woman. The President then introduced to the audience, Mrs. Sanford, who made some eloquent remarks, of which the following is a specimen:

"From the birth-day of Eve, the then prototype of woman's destiny, to the flash of the star of Bethlehem, she had been the slave of power and passion. If raised by courage and ambition to the proud trial of heroism, she was still the marred model of her first innocence; of thrown by beauty into the ordeal of temptation, man lost his own dignity in contemning her intellectual weight, and refusing the right to exercise her moral powers; If led by inclination to the penitential life of a recluse, the celestial effulgence of a virtuous innocence was lost, and she only lived out woman's degradation!

"But the day of her regeneration dawned. The Son of God had chosen a mother from among the daughters of Eve! A Saviour, who could have come into this a God-man, ready to act, to suffer, and be crucified, came in the helplessness of infancy, for woman to cherish and direct. Her exaltation was consummated! * * * * * * * * "True, we ask for the Elective Franchise: for right of property in the marriage covenant, whether earned or bequeathed. True, we pray to co-operate in making the laws we obey; but It is not to domineer, to dictate or assume. We ask it, for it isa right granted by a higher disposer of human events than man. We pray for it now, for there are duties around us, and we weep at our inability.

"And to the delegates, officers, people and spirit of this Convention, I would say, God speed you in your efforts for elevation and freedom; stop not; shrink not; look not back till you have justly secured an unqualified citizenship of the United States, and those inalienable rights granted you by an impartial Creator."

Convention passed a vote of thanks to Mrs. Sanford, and also requested a synopsis of her, from which the above are extracts.

A vote of thanks was here passed to John M. Sterling, Esq., of Cleveland, for the presentation of a bundle of books entitled "Slavery as it is."

Discussion was resumed on the indefinite postponement of the Resolution as to Woman's Right. Objection was made to the resolution, and in favor of its postponement, by Messrs. Langston and Day, on the ground that we had passed one similar, making all colored persons present, delegates to this Convention, and they considered women persons.

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