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Report of the proceedings of the Colored National Convention held at Cleveland, Ohio, on Wednesday, September 6, 1848.

1848OH 9.pdf

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Report of the

when a gentleman, (God forbid, he would not say gentleman,) a——some one in the audience said-----thing -----in the shape of a colored man, interfered, telling him that it was of no use for him to try to obtain a cabin passage on those boats, and intimating that colored men had no business in the cabin.

The Resolution as amended was adopted, and another as follows:

That Alexander Bowman of the Steamboat Saratoga and resident of Cleveland, receive the burning reprobation of this Convention, until he repents.

And he did receive it, if a unanimous shout against him is any evidence of it. He was fairly ostracised.

Messrs. J. L. Watson, J. Malvin and J. Lott, were appointed committee to inform the parties in each resolution, of the action of the Convention.

Dr. Delany, from the Business Committee reported on Nos. 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, and 28. Nos. 24 and 25 passed.

The Rules were then suspended, to hear two resolutions presented by Elder Kenyon in behalf of the citizens of Cleveland, and moved their adoption by O. D. O'Brien. They were adopted, as follows, the citizens of Cleveland only voting on them:

Resolved, That we hail as an omen of yast good to the colored people of this entire nation, the present Convention held in this city; and that with such examples of Intelligence, eloquence, wit, and power of argument, as have been presented before us in the sentiments and speeches of the various members of said Convention, we are confident of the ultimate elevation of the colored population, to all the social, intellectual, civil and religious rights and immunities, of a republican and Christian country.

Resolved, That we bid a hearty God-speed to these. our brethren, the sons or Africa, and citizens of Amercia, in all well-directed and legitimate efforts to secure for themselves an honorable and elevated position amongst men.

No. 26, as amended, adopted; 27 adopted also. No. 28 taken up, but was almost immediately laid on the table. No. 30 adopted.

No. 29 as amended was adopted, as also Nos. 31 and 32. The preamble to the Declaration of Principles was here taken from the table and adopted.

On motion of G. W. Tucker, No. 22 was taken up, and after earnest discussion indefinitely postponed, No. 3 was here presented by M. R. Delany, as it had been rejected by the committee. G. W. Tucker moved its indefinite postponement.

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