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Proceedings of the National Convention of Colored People and Their Friends; held in Troy, NY; on the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th of October, 1847

1847NY 23.pdf

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become the great nursery from which may be obtained those best suited, from their peculiar constitution, to carry the blessings of Religion, Agriculture and Commerce to the very heart of Africa. We believe the Niger Expedition to have been perfectly feasible, and failed only from the want of associating with it a sufficient number of intelligent and God-fearing men of the African race. May our Anti-slavery friends then feel the importance of engaging our people, both here and in America, in the pursuit of a healthy and vigorous Commerce. This will give us energy of character, and fit us for embarking in the most arduous enterprises for the rescue of suffering humanity. May God move their hearts to assist us in such a manner as we may best assist ourselves.

To carry out these views we have availed ourselves of the opportunity which is presented in the visit of Mr. Pennington to our island, to organize a society to be called the Jamaica Hamic Association. The object of this Society is to effect a correspondence with our brethren in America, and friends throughout the world. We solicit your hearty concurrence with us in these measures as we are anxious to engage our race, and friends, universally, in some common effort for the extinction of slavery and the elevation of our people, and engage them in Commerce throughout the wide range of our dispersion; and Agriculture in our fatherland will place within our reach the means of successfully competing with slavery on the one hand, of disarming prejudice on the other, and at the same time of promoting that charitable feeling which everywhere and under all circumstances characterize the christian. A movement of this kind would be indeed the harbinger of better times, and a dawn of that glorions day when the lion shall lie down with the lamb, and they shall no more hurt nor harm in all the holy mountain of the Lord.

Committee-EDWARD VICARS, President; Peter Constantine,George Ennis, Vice Presidents; Peter Jallep, James Millington, Secretaries; George Reily, Treasurer; Robert Duaney, Teller, &c., &c.

Kingston, Jamaica, April 28th, 1846.

Resolved, That we hail with great pleasure the courteous proposal from our brethren in the island of Jamaica to open a friendly correspondence with us.

Resolved, That we cordially respond to the sentiments contained in the address of the Jamaica Hamic Association, believing as we do that a more intimate acquaintance with our brethren in those islands will be of mutual benefit and advantage.

Resolved, That a committee of thirteen be appointed to reply to the address of the Jamaica Hamic Association, and that said

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