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Proceedings of the National Convention of Colored People and Their Friends; held in Troy, NY; on the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th of October, 1847

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New York—Geo Haggimore, John Lyles, P Harris, Thos Van Rensselaer, R H Johnson, L Jackson, R D Kenny, C Van Hoosen—8.

Massachusetts—F Douglass, H Watson, M Thomas, W W Brown, L CoIIins—5

Michigan—L Hayden.

Kentucky—A Jackson. Total 15. And was decided to be the place for the next Convention; and Alexander Crummell moved that the 3rd Wednesday of September, 1848, be the time for said Convention, which motion prevailed.

A. G. Beman moved to appoint an Executive Committee of five, to be appointed by the President, to call said Convention. Adjourned to 9 o'clock, A. M.


Convention called to order by the President. Prayer by C. B. Ray.

Minutes of morning session were read and approved.

On motion of A. G. Beman the report on Agriculture was taken up, and on motion for adoption, Stephen Myers, of Albany, advocated its adoption with the Resolutions.

C. B. Ray, of New York, spoke in favor of the recommendations embodied in the report.

Mr. Lyall was in favor of the third resolution attached to the report.

F. Douglass was fearful that the munificence of Mr. Smith would operate as an injury unless the lands bestowed by him be occupied, &c.; was in favor of immigration, and thought the best eulogium bestowed on Mr. Smith for his liberal donation would be by the owner of a lot going upon it and occupying it.

H. H. Garnet was also in favor of immigration, and urged all to go. The previous question being called for, the main question was put and the report adopted.

F. Douglass, on behalf of the committee upon the "Best means to Abolish Slavery and Caste in the United States," read the report, and was accepted and on motion for adoption, H. H. Garnet took exceptions to the phraseology in the report, "Sanctity of Religion," "Shedding of blood," " Moral Suasion."

Willis Hodges was opposed to the portion of the report relative to " Moral Suasion."

John C. Spence followed, giving his views as agreeing with the remarks of Mr. Garnet.

James H. Gardner, was opposed to moral suasion.

Mr. Beman moved to have the report referred back to the committee for modification. The report being called for was again read by Mr. Douglass, who gave some explanation.

Andrew Jackson rose to speak in favor of the report. It was here resolved to hold a meeting for business in the evening.

H. H. Gamet having the floor, the Chair announced the Committee to issue calI for next Convention as follows: E. P. Rogers, Newark, N. J., C. B. Ray,

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