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Proceedings of the National Convention of Colored People and Their Friends; held in Troy, NY; on the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th of October, 1847

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Connecticut—Amos Gerry Beman,—1.

Michigan—Lewis Hayden—1. Total 9.

A. G. Beman was here appointed Secretary. A discussion arose relative to the appointing a "Home Agent," by A. Crummell and R. Johnson, and on motion, H. H. Garnet was elected Agent.

It was moved by James Mars, that one from each State be appointed to nominate a committee to establish said Press.

On this question an animated discussion occurred; closed by J. McCune Smith offering the following: Whereas, the Convention has sanctioned the project of establishing a National Press, and that part of the Report which refers to the appointment of a National Press—Therefore,

Resolved, That so much of the Report on the Press as refers to the appointment of a Committee, (Sec. 2, 3, 4,) be referred to a Committee of seven, with power and authority to carry out the intention of the Convention in adopting said Report. Adopted, and the following were appointed the Committee, viz: J. M. C. Smith, N. Y., Z. P. Purnell, Pa., James Mars, Mass,, J. W. C. Pennington, Conn., Andrew Jackson, Ky., Leonard Collins, Mass, A. G. Beman, Conn.

W. W. Brown moved that each Delegate. be taxed Twenty-five Cents, to meet the expenses of the Convention, and J. M. C. Smith called for a statement of the exact sum needed, and the receipts, &c., and offered the following as an amendment: Resolved, That each member be taxed the sum of One Dollar, to meet the expenses of the Convention, and for the printing the minutes thereof—and all members who desire, shall receive a sufficient number of copies, the sale of which may pay back said dollar.

H. H. Garnet stated the voluntary efforts of the Committee of Arrangements for the Convention, &c.

The amendment of Dr. Smith was, after some debate, adopted.

Alex. Crummell, from the committee on Education, reported, and on motion of B. Weeden the report was accepted, and the Convention adjourned to 2 o'clock.


Convention called to order by the President. Prayer by Mr, Schuyler. Proceedings of Morning Session were read and approved.

Thos. Van Rensselaer called for the reading of a portion of the Report on Education, which was complied with by A. Crummell, when the discussion was resumed—J. M. C. Smith and Mr. Van RensseIaer, in favor. H. H. Garnet in favor of Colored Academies, but did not see the necessity of Colored Colleges, because there were those to which colored youth could be admitted. Leonard Collins, Alex. Crummell, Z. P. Purnell and Peyton Harris, advocated the report, and Mr. Johnson opposed; and on call for the yeas and nays, the report was adopted—yeas 26, nays 17, and the following committee was nominated to

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