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Minutes of the National Convention of Colored Citizens; Held at Buffalo; on the 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th of August, 1843; for the purpose of considering their moral and political condition as American citizens.

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teach them that the time of the Convention belonged to the delegates proper. The gentlemen in the affirmative further contended, that there were many persons present who had not been favored wIth having been sent as delegates; but their interest in the ConventIon had brought them here, and that they thought with us, and felt with us, and doubtless had many thoughts in their mind, which, if made known, mIght be of service to the Convention, and which they would like to express and as the Convention was as vital to them as to us, it being a common cause,they ought to have the right to express their views--besides, we had come here to assert principles embracing the largest liberty to all, and to take broad ground in favor of the free expression of opinion; and to reject the motion now before us, would be subversive of the very spirit which has brought us together. Upon taking the question, the motion was lost.

The Convention now adjourned to meet at 2 o'clock, P . M.

Afternoon Session.—The Convention met according to adjournment. The Chairman pro tem. not being present, Robert Banks, of Detroit, Mich., was appointed Chairman. Prayer by Rev. Theo. S. Wright.

The committee on nominations reported the following list of officers for the Convention :—For

PRESIDENT, AMOS G. BEMAN, of New Haven, Conn.

VICE PRESIDENTS, F. PIERE, of Maine, F. DOUGLASS, of Mass. W. W. MATTHEWS, of Conn. JAS. SHARP. of New-York, A. M. SUMMER, of Ohio, H. JOHNSON, of Michigan, and N. W. JONES, of Illinois.

SECRETARIES, CHAS. B. RAY, of New-York, JAS. W. DUFFIN, of Geneva, N.Y. A. H. FRANCIS, of Buffalo, N. Y.

The motion respecting the admission of honorary members and persons as delegates who had not been delegated to this body, was on motion of H. H. Garnit. who voted with the majority, reconsidered. Upon the question being taken it was again lost. Whereupon Chas. B. Ray arose and submitted the following resolution:

Resolved, That all gentlemen present. who have come from places from which there is no regularly appointed delegation to the Convention. be considered as delegates from those places, and that all other gentlemen be requested to take seats as honorary members.

The mover urged the adoption of this resolution from a few serious and weighty considerations, and regarded it as vital to the harmony and success of the Convention. The President vacated the chair to one of the Vice Presidents, and urged in a short but masterly speech the adoption of the resolution. The question was now called for, and the resolution adopted by a large majority.

It was moved that a committee of nine persons to bring forward business for the Convention be appointed by the chair. The chair appointed the following persons, viz.: H. H. Garnit; Chairman; Robert Banks, David Lewis, Theo. S. Wright, C. Lennox Remond, M. C. Munro, J. H, Townsend, N. W.Jones, and Geo. Weir.

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