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Minutes of the Fifth Annual Convention for the Improvement of the Free People of Colour in the United States; Held by Adjournments, in the Wesley Church, Philadelphia; from the first to the fifth of June, inclusive; 1835.

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On motion of Mr. Morell seconded by Mr. Van Brakle, it was Resolved, that all delegates to our conventions, from the city and county of Philadelphia, shall be elected by the people.

On motion the meeting then adjourned.

Thursday afternoon, June 4th.

Prayer by the chaplain. President in the chair, the roll being called. A report from the committee appointed on the exclusion of our people from church privileges and travelling by steam boats, was received and laid upon the table.

A very fervent and affectionate letter from the Rev. Charles W. Denison, expressing his hearty cooperation in the objects of the convention, and his regret at being unable to be present at their deliberations, was presented by W. Whipper, and read by the secretary. He informed the convention "that his projected History of the People of Colour, was in a good state of progress, and would be put to press as soon as all the materials for which he had made extensive arrangements could be obtained.

On motion of B. Clark, seconded by J, P. B. Eddy, it was

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to ascertain the number of High Schools in the United States, that have accepted colored students upon the same footing with other persons, and that the thanks of this body be presented to the directors and professors, if any there be of such high schools, for their benevolence and philanthropy, in thus recognizing our rights and those of our children, as American citizens.

Messrs. Clarke, Eddy and Downing were appointed.

On motion of Mr. Morell, seconded by Mr. Clarke, it was

Resolved, That the thanks of this convention be tendered, through the president and secretary, to the different Anti Slavery Societies in the United States, for their untiring zeal in the cause of human liberty.

At the suggestion of W. Whipper, seconded by R. Purvis, it was

Resolved, That it is the duty of every lover of freedom, to abstain from using the products of slave labour, as far as practicable.

On motion of S. Smith, seconded by T. Downing, it was

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