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Minutes of the Fifth Annual Convention for the Improvement of the Free People of Colour in the United States; Held by Adjournments, in the Wesley Church, Philadelphia; from the first to the fifth of June, inclusive; 1835.

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Mr. Arnold Buffum then advanced and addressed the meeting and was followed by Mrs. Moore; both of whom spoke in a very feeling manner.

On motion of Mr. Powell, seconded by Mr. Smith, it was unanimously Resolved, That the thanks of this convention be tendered to Mrs. Moore, Dr. E. P. Atlee, and Mr. A. Buffum, for their congratulatory remarks offered at the present session.

On motion of Mr. Morell, seconded by Mr. Lippins, it was unanimously Resolved, That the thanks of this convention be tendered through the president and secretary, to the members of the Pennsylvania Society, for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery, for their praiseworthy exertions in behalf of suffering humanity.

On motion of Mr. Powell, seconded by S. Van Brakle, it was Resolved, That the house go into a committee of the whole, to consider the state of the union, and report this afternoon, at 5 o'clock.

On motion of Mr. Clark, seconded by Mr. Morell, it was Resolved, that the thanks of this convention be tendered to that veteran in the cause of immediate emancipation, Benj. Lundy—that we sympathize with him in his sufferings for the cause of abolition, and the welfare of colored Americans.

On motion of Mr. Price, it was unanimously Resolved, That Mr. E. Hambleton, of the Clarkson Anti-Slavery Society of Pennsylvania, be permitted to address this convention. Also, that Mr. Eli Hambleton be admitted as an honorary member in this convention.

Adjourned by prayer, by the Rev. J. Todd, to meet at three o'clock this afternoon.

Wednesday afternoon, June 3.

Prayer by the Rev. Mr. Rhoads. President in the chair. Roll called by the secretary, minutes of the preceding meeting read. On motion of Mr. Samuel Van Brakle, seconded by Nathan Johnson, it was unanimously

Resolved, That the members of this convention return their sincere thanks to the theological students of Lane Seminary, in the state of Ohio, for their spirit of philanthropy, and their zeal in the cause of abolition ; with the hope that they may be laden in the day of Eternity, with an everlasting trophy of glory.

On motion of Mr. Ogden, seconded by Mr. Van Brakle, it was

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