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Minutes of the Fourth Annual Convention for the Improvement of the Free People of Colour, in the United States; held by adjournments in the Asbury Church, New York, from the 2nd to the 12th of June, inclusive, 1834.

1834NY 22.pdf

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was not ignorant that you possessed qualities most formidable to an invading enemy. I knew with what fortitude you could endure hunger and thirst, and all the fatigues of a campaign. I know well how you loved your native country, and that you had as well as ourselves, to defend what man hold most dear—his parents, relations, wife, children and property. You have done more than I expected. In addition to the previous qualities I before knew you to possess, I found moreover, among you, a noble enthusiasm which leads to the performance of great things.

Soldiers !—The President of the United States shall hear how praiseworthy was your conduct in the hour of danger, and the representatives of the American people will, I doubt not, give you the praise your exploits entitle you to. Your General anticipates them in applauding your noble ardour.

The enemy approaches, his vessels cover our lakes, our brave citizens are united, and all contention has ceased among them. Their only dispute is, who shall win the prize of valor, or who the most glory, its noblest reward.

By Order,

THOMAS BUTLER, Aid de Camp."

Adjourned till to-morrow, at 9 o'clock, A. M.

Tuesday Morning, June I0.

President in the chair. Prayer by the Rev. Mr. Jackson. The roll was called and the Minutes of the last session were read.

Resolved, that the Convention adjourn at half past 2 P. M. on Thursday. On motion of Mr. Whipper, seconded by Mr. Hutchins, Resolved, that this Convention make a positive and formal declaration to the world, of their sentiments on those subjects which now engage the attention of the people of the United States, with respect to the future condition of the coloured population ; including a definite expression of the course they feel morally bound to pursue, that they may successfully aid in the prosecution of the objects contemplated.

Resolved, that the President appoint a committee of three to report on the above resolution. Messrs. Whipper, Hamilton and Stewart were appointed, with instructions to report on Wednesday morning.

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