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Minutes of the Fourth Annual Convention for the Improvement of the Free People of Colour, in the United States; held by adjournments in the Asbury Church, New York, from the 2nd to the 12th of June, inclusive, 1834.

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siderable share in their arrangement; but that he was now convinced of their injurious tendency to his brethren, and consequently would have nothing more to do with them. The yeas and nays on the question were then demanded by calling the roll, and it was decided in the affirmative by an overwhelming majority, viz. Yeas, Remond, Barbadoes, Scarlett, Perry, Johnson, Merriman, Luca, Easton, Jackson, Hogarth, Brown, Thompson, Thompson, Brown, Hughes, Hamilton, Vogelsang, Jackson, Pennington, Gray, Blount, Peck, Depee, Hinton, Hutchins, Smith, Butler, Gardner, Francis, Closson, Drayton, Freeman, Ogden, Nicken, Lewis, Shadd, Johnson, Wilson, Spywood, Stewart, 40 Nays, Hardenburg, Brewer, 2.

A communication was received from the New-York Philomathean Society, praying the Convention to recommend the establishment of Literary Societies; the prayer of the petitioners was granted.

Saturday Morning, June 7.

President in the chair. Prayer by Rev. Hoshea Easton. The roll was called and the Minutes of the Iast session were read. The committee appointed to consider the merits, &c. of the Colonization Society, made the following report:

The committee appointed to investigate and report upon the merits of the Colonization Society, so far as its advocates claim to have missionary objects in view, beg leave to report that they have duly investigated the subject confided to them; and can find nothing worthy of commendation in the missionary operations of the society. They therefore recommend to the Convention the adoption of the following resolutions, viz.

First—Resolved, That in our opposition to the Colonization Society, we have not opposed ourselves to the persons, piety, or good intentions of men, nor to the civilization of Africa; but to the principles which aim at the root of our liberty; and so long as these odious principles are adhered to by any of our fellow citizens, we shall deem it our duty to feel and act with uncompromising hostility to the same. The character of the founders, of all who advocate, of those who support, and the popularity of the scheme notwithstanding.

Secondly, That we solemnly submit it to the Colonization

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