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Minutes and proceedings of the Third annual Convention, for the Improvement of the Free People of Colour in these United States, :held by adjournments in the city of Philadelphia, from the 3d to the 13th of June inclusive, 1833.

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and report whether any, and how far encouragement ought to be given to the settlement of coloured people in Upper Canada, presented their report, which was read and accepted, to which was appended the following resolution—

Resolved, that Mr. Austin Stewart be requested to continue his agency at the Wilberforce Settlement in Upper Canada, to whom funds may be remitted, by societies or individuals, for the relief of such persons as may leave the United States, and take up their residence within their borders.

On motion of Mr. Whipper, seconded by Mr. Peck, the Convention resolved itself into a Committee of the whole, Mr. Richard Johnson in the chair, for the discussion of the resolution. Very animated debates on the subject, continued until near the hour of adjournment, when the Committee rose, reported progress, and asked leave to sit again, which was granted for Monday afternoon.

Adjourned till Monday morning, at 9 o'clock, A. M.

Monday Morning, June 10.

The Convention met, pursuant to adjournment, in the first African Presbyterian Church, at 9 o'clock, A. M.

President in the Chair.

Prayer by the Rev. Mr. Eliott. The roll having been called, and the minutes of the preceding session read, the report of the Vice-President of the State of New-York, and several reports of the different delegations were read and accepted. The committee on Temperance presented their report, which was accepted and adopted.


The committee on the subject of Temperance, beg leave to report, that in common with the friends of moral reform throughout our country, we are called upon for devout aspirations of praise to God, for that success he has granted to the cause of Temperance, during the past year.

In every section of our country, and among every class of persons, the principles of the American Temperance Society have progressed at a ratio, wholly beyond all anticipation.

Intemperance, the great evil which a few years since was seated in the vitals of our nation, threatening a speedy death to every interest, whether social, civil, or religious, and baffling every effort made for its removal, now has, as must be acceded by every intelligent observer, an adequate remedy. That remedy is the simple principle of voluntary associations, on the plan of INTlRE

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