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Liberty, and equality before the law. :Proceedings of the Convention of the Colored People of Va., held in the city of Alexandria, Aug. 2, 3, 4, 5, 1865.


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Tennessee until about thirty or thirty-five years ago, and the Hon. John Bell, 2 on the floor of the Senate of the United States, said that he owed his seat twice in Congress through the influence of negro voters. These are facts that cannot be dealt lightly with, although it is maintained by some that this Government was made for white men.

On motion the third resolution was reconsidered, pending which, on motion the Convention adjourned.

R. D. Beckley, President.

Wm. E. Walker, Secretary.

Afternoon Session.

The Convention met at 3 1/2 o'clock. President R. D. Beckley in the chair.

Prayer by Rev. Wm. E. Walker. Roll called and minutes of the morning session read and approved.

The third resolution being in order, on motion, the whole was reconsidered and returned to the author.

Rev. H.H. Garnet moved to the appointment of an executive committee, to consist of the President and a member of each delegation, who shall have power to name the place and time for the next annual Convention, and to call the same.

On motion, the President appoint said committee.

The President then appointed the first named persons as reported in their respective delegations as they stood on the roll:


N. H. Anderson, Richmond, Va.; Edward F. Jones, Williamsburg, Va.; Henry Barksdale, Danville, Va.; James H. Banister, Culpeper County, Va.; Edward W. Williams, Norfolk, Va.; Temple Jackson, Columbia; Elijah Monroe, Gloucester County, Va.; Wm. Holland, Halifax County, Va.; Nicholas Rickman, Charlottesville, Va.; Edward Johnson, Farmville, Va.; Lewis W. Carter, Petersburg, Va.; Rev. John Cary, Yorktown; Robert Bailey, Hampton, Va.; Rev. J. R. V. Thomas, Portsmouth, Va.; Walter Williams, Warwick County, Va.; Wm. Moseley, Goochland County, Va.; Rev. Jas. Tynes, Providence Church; Rev. Wm. J. Walker, Petersburg, Va.; Addison Washington, Amherst County, Va.; Coleman Coles, Lynchburg, Va.

The President was then instructed to appoint a committee on printing, whereupon the following gentlemen were appointed: Rev. Wm. E. Walker, Petersburg, Va.; G. W. Parker, and Charles Chinn, Alexandria, Va. The committee was then instructed to have five thousand copies of the proceedings printed for distribution.

A report from the finance committee was then made and accepted.

The following resolution was submitted and adopted:

Resolved, That a vote of thanks be tendered to the citizens of Alexandria for their kindness and courtesy to the members of the Convention.

On motion, the resolution was unanimously adopted.

Rev. Wm. E. Walker was appointed speaker for the evening.

On motion, the Convention adjourned to meet at 7 1/2 o'clock P.M.

R.D. Beckley President.

Wm. E. Walker, Secretary.

Evening Session.

Meeting was called to order at 7 1/2 o'clock P.M. President R. D. Beckley in the chair. The roll was called and the minutes of the afternoon session read and approved.

On motion, Rev. Wm. E. Walker be tendered five dollars for the laborious and arduous duties as Secretary during the session of the Convention. The motion was amended by striking out five and inserting ten. Mr. Walker promptly declined the offer, which was received with applause.

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