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Liberty, and equality before the law. :Proceedings of the Convention of the Colored People of Va., held in the city of Alexandria, Aug. 2, 3, 4, 5, 1865.


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Boston, Mass., July 27, 1865.

Chairman R. D. Beckley, Alexandria, Va.

RESPECTED SIR:-- I am apprehensive that I cannot be personally present with you in your approaching State Convention; however if I am not present on said day, (viz., 2d August) let my name and influence stand among the representatives of the various religious denominations.

The object for which the Convention is called is a noble one, and the end your Convention looks for is superlatively great. You have before you a future pregnant with eternal blossoms of success. Only let your Convention, when convened, form such resolutions as shall demonstrate to the public your knowledge of what has been done by our brave, heroic boys at the most imminent points of danger and death. And then plead for the right of suffrage to the President and to Congress by all the noble and heroic deeds of our brave soldiers, and by the golden laws of a higher tribunal. The people here are alive to that all-important cause you represent. We had a meeting last night in Tremont Temple for that sole object. We are looking hourly for Cheif Justice Chase and General Grant to address us on the subject.

Now, let the greatness of the cause you represent--the more than four millions of whom you are the representative --the brave and heroic actions and deeds of our soldiers during this terrible four years of conflict, carnage, and blood, and the bright future before you, so very pregnant with halos of glory, inspire your Convention with more than human inspiration to look beyond the clouds of seeming impossibilities.

I have the honor, sir, to be yours for the cause you represent so the faithfully.

C. Robinson.

Pastor Beulah Baptist Church, Alexandria, Va.

Rev. G. W. Parker, from the Finance Committee, reported that the expenses so far incurred amounted to $79.15, and recommended that a tax of $2.50 be imposed on each delegate for the purpose of defraying the same, or any other expenses which may be incurred by the Convention. The report was adopted, and on motion the Convention adjourned.

R. D. Beckley, President.

Wm. E. Walker, Secretary.

Evening Session.

President R. D. Beckley in the Chair.

Prayer by the Chaplain.

The roll was called and the members severally answered to their names and came forward and paid the tax imposed.

The reading of the minutes of the preceding evening were dispensed with.

A song being called for, "Our Country" was then sung.

The Chairman of the Business Committee presented an address to loyal citizens and to Congress, which was then read, and after some discussion, on motion, the address was laid on the table until to-morrow.

Rev. Highland Garnet wished to be included in the list of paying delegates, and paid the tax, $2.50. Prof. Johnson also paid something, amount not stated.

Mr. W. L. Ives, of Alexandria was then introduced to the audience. He spoke in his usual happy style, and entertained the audience in the most creditable manner.

He was followed by Captain Ferree, who was enthusiastically received, and who spoke with much warmth, eloquence and ability, for some time.

The collection taken amounted to $137.20.

The Chairman of the business Committee presented a series of resolutions. They were received, and on motion laid on the table till to-morrow morning.

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