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Liberty, and equality before the law. :Proceedings of the Convention of the Colored People of Va., held in the city of Alexandria, Aug. 2, 3, 4, 5, 1865.


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On motion, a business committee of five were appointed, consisting of Rev. John M. Brown, of Norfolk, Va.; N. H. Anderson, of Richmond, Va.; Wm. Mosely, of Goochland, Va.; Rev. J. R. V. Thomas, of Portsmouth, Va.; Nicholas Rickman, of Charlottesville, Va.; P. K. Jones, of Petersburg, Va.; Henry Barksdale , Danville, Va.; and on motion, two others were added.

On motion, the Convention adjourned to meet at 7 1/2 o'clock P.M.

R. D. Beckley, President.

Wm. E. Walker, Secretary.

Evening Session.

The President called the Convention to order at 7 1/2 o'clock. Prayer by the Rev. Jordan Smith, of Manchester. Proceedings of the morning session read and approved.

The President then appointed Henry Malvern, of Alexandria, and John Davis, of Richmond, as Sergeant-at-Arms.

The President having resigned his seat as a member of the finance committee, Edmond F. Jones, of Williamsburg, was appointed in his stead. Roll was then called.

On motion, Rev. G. L. Dickson was elected as an honorary member of this Convention; also Rev. Highland Garnet and Sampson White, and Rev. _______ Owens, of Alexandria, were unanimously elected as honorary members of the Convention.

The Rev. Highland Garnet was then introduced to the Convention, and in a very able, powerful, and eloquent manner, addressed the Convention for over an hour and a half. The Rev. John M. Brown then followed in a short, spirited, and telling speech. Mr. Fields Cook declined speaking owing to the lateness of the hour, according to appointment.

On motion, a vote of thanks be tendered to Rev. Highland Garnet and J. M. Brown, for their speeches delivered in our hearing.

On motion, a committee be appointed to wait on Quartermaster J. G. C. Lee, for the loan of a flag to place in the Hall over the platform. Committee --R. D. Beckley, G. W. Parker.

On motion, the Convention adjourned, to meet at 10 o'clock A.M., tomorrow, Thursday morning. Benediction by the Rev. Sampson White.

R. D. Beckley, President.

Wm. E. Walker, Secretary.

Morning Session, Alexandria, Va., Aug. 3, 1865.

The Convention was called to order by the President at 10 o'clock A.M. Prayer by the chaplain, Rev. Jordan Smith, of Manchester. After which, the roll was called, and most of the members answered to their names.

The committee on credentials then reported the following named additional delegates as entitled to seats in this Convention: Amherst and Nelson counties--Addison Washington; Lynchburg--Coleman Cotes, Samuel Kilson, Edward Carrington.

The proceedings of the previous meeting were then read and adopted.

On motion the above named gentlemen were admitted as delegates.

On motion, Rev. G. W. Parker, J. P. Douglass, G. W. Sims, Prof. Wm. Johnson and ______ Johnson were elected honorary members of the Convention.

The President then stated that the Committee had waited upon Capt. J. G. C. Lee, A. Q. M., U.S.A., who had tendered the Convention the use of the flag which now graced the stand, and stated that any further accommodations he could render he would be glad to do so. On motion, a vote of thanks was tendered to Capt. Lee for the interest he manifested in behalf of the Convention.

On motion, the Treasurer was authorized to furnish the Convention with stationery.

Mr. Washington raised a privileged question, and after a sharp debate, participated in by Rev. H. H. Garnet, Cook, Hobson, Brown, Walker and others, it was decided by the President that the whole debate was out of order.

Rev. John Cary, of Yorktown, was then called upon and addressed the Convention in a short but interesting speech, at the conclusion of which the Business Committee announced themselves ready to report. Rev. J. M. Brown then came forward and made the following report:

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