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Liberty, and equality before the law. :Proceedings of the Convention of the Colored People of Va., held in the city of Alexandria, Aug. 2, 3, 4, 5, 1865.


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Norfolk Delegation.--Edward W. Williams,Wm. Keeling, Geo. W. Cook. John M. Brown, Nicholas Barber.

Fairfax County Delegation.--Wm. Holman, Wm. W. Ford, S. H. Lee.

Farmville Delegation.--Edmond Johnson.

Yorktown Delegation.--Rev. John Cary, Robert Ruffin.

Hampton Delegation. --Robert Bailey, Wm. Davis.

Portsmouth Delegation.--Rev. J. R. V. Thomas, Joshua Wilson, George Toamoth.

Providence Church Norfolk Co. Delegation.--Rev. James Tyres.

Amherst and Nelson Co. Delegation.--Addison Washington.

Lynchburg Delegation.--Coleman Coles, Sam'l Kelser, Edward Carrington.

Warwick County Delegation.--Walter Williams.

Goochland County Delegation.--William Mosely.

Fredericksburg Delegation.--Rev. Wm. J. Walker, Edmond Brooks, J. H. Washington, James Brooks, Benj. Peyton.

Honorary Members Elected

Rev. H. H. Garnett, Washington.

G. W. Sims, Washington.

Prof. W. Johnson, Baltimore.

[_?] Johnson, Baltimore.

J. P. Douglas, Alexandria.

Wm. L. Ives, Alexandria.

Dr. Pettyjohn, Alexandria.

Rev. Owens, Alexandra.

Capt. Ferree, Alexandria.

W. J. Cowing, Alexandria.

Rev. C. Robinson, Alexandria.

Robt. Robinson, Alexandria.

Col. J. G. C. Lee, A. Q. M., U. S. A.

On motion, a committee of one from each delegation was appointed to nominate officers for a permanent organization of this Convention. They were, on motion, appointed by their respective delegations.

On motion, a committee of three was appointed to report rules for the government of the Convention. After a short absence, the committee on the nomination of officers reported the following gentlemen as permanent officers of the Convention, which was unanimously adopted:

President--R. D. Beckley, Alexandria, Va.

Vice Presidents--Fields Cook, Richmond, Va.

John Cary, Yorktown, Va.

Secretary--Rev. Wm. E. Walker, Petersburg, Va.

Asst. Secretaries--Rev. John M. Brown, Norfolk, Va.

Ballard Edwards, Manchester, Va.

Cor. Secretary--N. H. Anderson, Richmond, Va.

Treasurer--Geo. Franklin, Alexandria, Va.

On motion, a vote of thanks be tendered to the Rev. Geo. W. Parker, for the able manner in which he has discharged his duties as temporary chairman.

After some very appropriate remarks from the Rev. Geo. W. Parker, Mr. N. H. Anderson and R. C. Hobson, were then appointed to conduct the President to his seat, who, on taking his seat, thanked the Convention for the distinguished honor conferred upon him, and earnestly solicited the co-operation and assistance of the Convention in the maintenance of order. The other officers also respectively tendered their thanks for the honor conferred.

The committee on rules for the government of the Convention, then reported Cushing's Manual of Parliamentary laws, which was accepted. They also reported that the session of the Convention should commence at 10 o'clock A.M., and close at 2 P.M., to meet again at 3 o'clock P.M., and continue till 5 P.M., and to meet again at 7 P.M.

On motion, a committee of three be appointed to select speakers evening, whereupon the following gentlemen were announced: Rev. Highland Garnet, Rev. John M. Brown, and Fields Cook.

The committee on rules also reported that there should be no smoking in the Hall during the business of the Convention; also that no members speak more than ten minutes on anyone motion, nor but three times on the same. Committee--R. C. Hobson, Geo. H. Franklin, E. F. Jones.

The President appointed Rev. Jordan Smith as Chaplain of the Convention.

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