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State Convention of the Colored People of Louisiana, January 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th, 1865


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251 LOUISIANA, 1865 es. Objection is made to this decision of the chair. The chair is y38 E. Barber against moves 27. that the petition be sent only after the readmis- State into the Union. The rules are suspended by a two-thirds main question is lost. (32 ayes, 37 nays). Another motion for a JMr.~H. 'ect was Chevarre. similarly rejected Consequently, later no in memorial the day, shall after be some sent energetic to the e now in session. The Convention remains consistent with its f ollowing yesterday. propositions are adopted, with little debate: committee of five is appointed to visit the Orphan Asylum, Toulouse and the Third District School.--Messrs. C. E. Logan, J. A. Craig, sabelIe, committee J. of A. three Norager, (to be H. appointed Chevarre. ~y t~e chair) will have charge of the minutes and documents for publ~cat~on. the committees are granted ten days to finish their respective busi- er control of the Executive Board. minutes, rules, list of members, and other documents of the Conven- ordered to be printed (1000 copies,) in English and French. .J. B. Noble is called to the chair. te of thanks to the Tribune for its support of the Convention, is sly carried. The Tribune is declared the official organ of the I Equal Rights League of Louisiana. The resolutions are given below. ote of thanks to Rev. Mr. Maistre for his concourse at the funeral Caillou. ommittee of Unanimously three (Messrs. carried. J. F. Winston, J. Minor, O. S.Dunn) will the Commanding General, to ask redress for the neglect and contempt wives of colored soldiers, at the Free Market. They will ask that r be substituted to the wife, in case the soldier is not a married ittee of three (Messrs. J. A. Craig, J. A. Norager, J. B. Noble) is o wait on Commanding General, and ask from him, for the colored the same liberty of travelling, going and comming, that other enjoy. Messrs. Chaplain Conway and Major Plumley spoke a few words question. Maj. Plumley stated that the requirement of a pass, ng from the employer, had only been taken as a temporary measure. He that if Maj. Gen. Banks had remained a little longer in this Depart- t would have been done away with the system, before this time. It will abolished, as soon as the attention of the Commanding General be to 9th it. of January (Applause.) is appointed as a day of commemoration, to be kept by es, allover the State, as the anniversary of the meeting of this n. proposition of opening correspondence with the Freedmen Bureau at n (when established), is referred to the Executive Committee. resolution is adopted, declaring that we place our confidence in the yof the American people, who have reelected President Lincoln. half-past five o'clock the Convention proceeds to elect the balance Executive Committee. ~ members elected are the following: srs. Hippolyte Vagner, Charles Martinez, A. L. Young, Joseph Curiel, • Lewis, Rev. W. A. Dove, Eugene Chesse, J. Vincent, H. F. O'Connor, ble, H. Grimes, G. W. Samuels, J. A. Norager, Mitchel Sturges, J. L. , Thomas Isabelle, H. White, L. Boguille. complete the Bureau of Industry: t. W. B. Barret, 2nd. assistant, Moses B. Avery, 3d. assistant. er giving the Executive Committee power to transact all unfinished , the Convention, at seven o'clock, adjourns sine die. following are the resolutions which endorse the course of the "in regard of the Convention. By the unanimous action of that ebody, our paper has been made the official organ of the Leagues. roud of the part we have taken in this great and important move, and rthat the Convention has conferred upon us. We return our most thanks to our friends, and can assure them that, in this fight for

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