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State Convention of the Colored People of Louisiana, January 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th, 1865


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tion. 3. and 4. The officers of the Committee are enumerated and their duties prescribed. The Committee's term of office is fixed at 6 months in the printed regulation, but was amended by a motion of Mr. Craig, and made to read one year. In accordance to an amendment offered by Dr. Cromwell and Mr. Villere, the Treasurer shall be a property-holder, and shall give security to the Committee of Finance, subject to the approbation of the President. 5. Agents shall be sent into the country in the State to inquire the condition of our race, and to register their complaints. 6. There shall be a Bureau of Industry in the city of New Orleans, and other localities if possible. 7. Loyal Leagues shall be established to act in concert with the Central League. 8. There shall be annual officers of the different Leagues. 9. The Constitution may be amended by a majority of the Convention.

On a motion made by Mr. Noble a vote is taken upon the whole Constitution, which results in the unanimous adoption. Upon which all the members are to affix their name.

To-morrow the organization of the Bureau of Industry will be discussed. The object of this important institution is to gather facts on the condition of the freedmen, and all useful information; to take care for the sick and disabled, to facilitate to the country people the means of coming and going freely and at will, to protect the families of volunteers, and other similar purposes. The dispositions of the bill will be fuller explained to-morrow, when the discussion takes place.

The President reads a letter from Maj. Plumley, who declines the invitation sent to him by the President of the Convention. It is alleged that the Convention did not come to a vote on Maj. P.'s invitation. Messrs. Chesse and Curiel, on one hand, and Norager on the other, having been heard, and Mr. Banks having stated what he considered the sense of the Convention during the proceedings on this matter, at the last session, the Convention asserts that no vote had been taken on the question.

The acceptation of Dr. Randolph is read and received with applause.

On motion of Capt. Barrett, a committee will be appointed to make collections at the public meetings. The Chair appoints Messrs. Barrett, president of the Committee, L. Graham, L. Banks, A. L. Young and George Taylor.

The following gentlemen are announced as the committee having charge of preparing the petition to the Legislature: Logan, President, Chesse, Martinez, Aubert, Norager, Noble, Berhill, Rogers and Craig. On motion, President Ingraham is added to the committee.

Several propositions are deposited, and lay under the rules.

At 5 o'clock, the Convention adjourned.

Messrs. Rev. Lemaistre and H. Train, were present during the session, and were invited to a seat.

This evening, Messrs. Hunter, of Terrebonne, Capt. Ingraham, Delane, Barber and Martinez will address the public meeting at the Liberty School.


Thursday, January 12, 1865.

The Convention was called to order at 11 o'clock P.M., cpatain Ingraham in the chair. Prayer offered by Rev. Mr. Maistre. Roll called; 52 Delegates answer to their names. The minutes of the proceedings of Tuesday and Wednesday are read and approved.

On motion of Mr. J. A. Craig, the Delegates who were not present at the time that the Convention took the oath, are requested to come forward and swear allegiance.

The regulations relating to the Bureau of Industry are called for discussion. We give a synopsis of the important organization, in our French editorial; we will likewise give an idea of the proposed institution, in English, in one of our next numbers. This important bill is adopted as a whole, by the unanimous vote of the Convention.

Several motions are offered, and laid over under the rules.

The first proposition to be discussed is one offered by Mr. Curiel, captain E. Morphy and Mr. Chas. Aubert, which (after amendment of Mr. A. E. Barber) reads substantially as follows: Each of the vice-presidents will see that Leagues be organized in their respective constituencies. Families of

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