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State Convention of the Colored People of Louisiana, January 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th, 1865


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It is explained that the committee will only have to report questions referred to them by the Convention. Messrs. Young and Francis say that a standing bureau is contemplated, to take in hand all the grievances coming under their notice. The organization of this Bureau will be attended to at the proper time.

Mr. M. B. Avery reads the regulations reported by the committee on Rules.They are similar to the regulations adopted in most of deliberative bodies. It is proposed not to allow any member to speak more than twice on subject; and no longer than 15 minutes each time. The proceedings will be conducted in the following order: 1. prayer; 2. roll call; 3. proceedings of the various meetings for adoption; 4. notices for motions and resolutions; 5. unfinished business; 6. reports of the committees.; 7. order of the day; 8. benediction; 9. adjournment. The report of the committee will be will be considered to-morrow at 11 o'clock.

On a motion of Dr. Cromwell, which was amended by Mr. Young, the members will have to take an oath, whose purport and tenor will be determined to-morrow.

Mr. Martinez moves that a majority of the members be a quorum. Carried. At half past four o'clock the Convention adjourns.


Capt. James H. Ingraham, President.

A. E. Barber, Vice President, du ler dist.

L. Boguille, " " du 2me "

J. Curiel, " " du 3me "

Capt. J. B. Noble, " " de 4me "

M. Johnson, " " Paroisse Jeff.

G. Hunter, " " Terrebonne.

M. B. Avery,

Capt. E. Morphy, Secretaries.

Capt. C. C. Antoine,

J. E. Murray,

R. G. Baylor, Sergent d'Armes.

Rev. James Allen, Henri Chevarre,

Charles Aubert, Eugene Chesse,

Madison Allin, B.B. Colburn,

Capt. A. Bertonneau, Philip Crawford,

Fr. Boisdore, David Copland,

G. P. Barrat, Rev. W. A. Dove,

L. Banks, Alex J. Davis,

Capt. W. B. Barret, Samuel Delane,

Henry Berryman, Abraham Douglas,

Dr. R. I. Cromwell, Frank Davis

J. A. Craig, Henry Davis,

E. Cordeviolle, Alex Dumas,

Henry Edmonds, Louis Edmonds,

James Edwards, H. Francis,

Louis Ferry, Benj. Geddis,

J. J. Gage, de Morganza, C.C. Gellorgan,

J. R. Grove, August Gaspard,

S. Hays, de B. Rouge, Rev. C. H. Hughes,

Capt. R. H. Isabelle, Thomas Isabelle,

John Landers, Dr. A. W. Lewis, Tr.,

Chs. E. Logan, Jules Lepirer,

James Minor, Rev. John Murrell,

Joseph L. Monthieu, S. S. Minor,

John A. Murray, Ch. Martinez,

Rev. A. McCarey, Alex Motts,

George P. Nelson, J. A. Norager,

J. Pullam, Junior, J. Pullman, Senior,

Richard Pickett, Thomas W. Poree,

Dr. R. Smith, Thomas P. Robinson

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