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Proceedings of the Colored Convention of the State of Kansas, Held at Leavenworth, October 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th, 1863


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of Kansas, have confronted danger with equal hardihood, bearing the banner of their country proudly aloft, full in the front of battle, encircling a wall of living fire, and hedging it about with gleaming bayonets,

No cowardice on their part has caused it to trail in the dust or dimmed its glories. Kansas, which took the lead in arming black men, has no more devoted soldiers, nor will she ever have just cause to blush for her "Ironclads."

Citizens of Kansas, shall your black veterans return victorious from the war, proud of dangers past, of many toils cheerfully borne, and of honorable scars bravely won, to find themselves still denied the rights of a manhood so nobly vindicated?

O, men of Kansas, let it not be. We say, MEN of Kansas, you who rescued her virgin soil, long betrothed to freedom, from the clutches of the slave power. You who have so often vanquished in battle and chased from your State the Border Ruffians of Missouri--brutal offspring of a civilization oppressed by slavery. You who have done so much for liberty, will not stop now appalled by prejudices derived from slavery, and sole heritage of its hateful rule in Kansas.

No! still obedient to the voice of liberty and honor, you will continue to lead the van of progress. You will not stop to listen to the voice of slavery, whilst yet your soil is wet with blood of martyrs, slain in defence of liberty. Whilst the cries of bereaved widows and orphaned children still ascend to Heaven from the smouldering ruins of your citadel of freedom; there still live among you dishonored matrons and attainted [sic] maidens to cry aloud against the brutal lust of slavery. If there are nay still enchained by the hateful spirit of caste, we beg you to take counsel of your courage, and conquer your prejudices. Anticipate the fruition of time grant us to-day, what you will certainly grant us in a few years at most.

Listen not to the voice of expediency, which in a contest for great principles, to often

Like a deadly blight,

Comes o'er the councils of the brave

Blasting them in their hour of might.

JOHN H. MORRIS, Chairman of Committee on Address.

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