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Proceedings of the California State Convention of the Colored Citizens, Held in Sacramento on the 25th, 26th, 27th, and 28th of October, 1865.


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Whereas, there are no features in the character of any people more ennobling and elevating, than a strict observance of the principles of Morality and Religion, and as our enemies eagerly grasp every opportunity to misrepresent our condition and malign our character; therefore, be it

Resolved--That we recommend to our brethren a more consistent course than investing their means in gambling-houses and barrooms.

Resolved--That we adjure our brethren throughout the State, to adhere faithfully to the teachings of Morality and Religion, which will shed lustre around the pathway of their lives and give credit to the race.

Resolved--That we abhor and discountenance licentiousness,--that this violation of Gods law, disgrace, penury, and the bane of domestic happiness, may disappear from our midst.

Resolved--That we admonish our brethren to shun the intoxicating bowl as they would the embrace of a deadly serpent.

Resolved--That the practice of gambling, the desolator of thousands of otherwise happy homes, the goal of fervent hopes and high aspirations, the precursor of early dissolution, receives our uncompromising denunciation.

J. H. Hubbard, J. J. Moore, Committee. P. Kellingworth, Committtee.

Rev. J. H. Hubbard, Chairman of the Committee on Condolence, presented the following:

Resolutions of Condolence

WHEREAS, man's frailty is a fixed conclusion, and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us unawares; and as since the assembling of our last Convention, our brethren and co-laborers, John G. Wilson and Wm. N. Bedford, have been summoned to the Bar of the Triune God; therefore,

Resolved--We lament their loss but submit to the ruling of that providential hand which doeth all things well.

Resolved--The down-trodden and proscribed, have lost in them, earnest sympathizers and zealous laborers.

Resolved--The State has lost in them, men whose hearts throbbed alike for the undying principles of liberty and the perpetuity of the Government.

Resolved--They being dead, do speak, and history of the reverend chronicler of the grave, will proclaim in trumpet tones, to generations unborn, they, as true men, wore with impatience, the yoke of proscription.

Resolved--When in after years, the roll of California's truest sons shall be called, while the names of W. H. Newby and John Freeman, shine with resplendant brightness, those of John G. Wilson and William N. Bedford, will occupy a conspicuous place upon the list.

Resolved--We, the representatives of the colored citizens of California, tender to the friends and relatives of the deceased, our heart-felt sympathy.

{J. H. Hubbard, P. Kellingworth, R. H. Small.} Committee.

The Resolutions were adopted, after which, Mr. Hubbard delivered an eloquent eulogy.

The President having arrived, Mr. Small vacated the Chair. After the eulogy was delivered, the resolution from the Business Committee to appoint a State Executive Committee of one from each Judicial District, was taken up, when it was moved that a Committee of five members be appointed to nomimate a State Executive Committee. Carried.

The President appointed

P. A. Bell, J. R. Starkey,

E. A. Clarke, Jas. Cefos,

W. H. Christopher.

The following Preamble and resolutions were presented by the Sacramento Delegation. They were read, and, on motion, ordered to be published in the minutes:

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