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Proceedings of the California State Convention of the Colored Citizens, Held in Sacramento on the 25th, 26th, 27th, and 28th of October, 1865.


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III--That it will effectually settle the too frequent incursions of hostile Indians.

IV--It will greatly add to the wealth of the country, in the cultivation of adjacent lands and the development of the mineral resources of a hitherto unexplored portion of the great Pacific slope.

V--That it will afford labor to a class of people whose sympathies, hopes and aspirations are thoroughly identified with the growth, prosperity and glory of the American Republic.

7..--That we hail with joy inexpressible, as one of the practical movements of the freedmen, their settled and persistent determination to become owners of the soil of their own fruitful South.

{T. M. D. Ward, J. J. Moore, J. P. Dyer, J. Madden, Basil Campbell, Aaron L. Jackson, E. P. Hilton, Moses L. Rogers, Edward W. Parker,} Committee

The following Preamble and Resolution was offered by J. R. Starkey:

Whereas, It is often asserted that there is a division among the colored inhabitants of this State, in matters appertaining to their political interests; and whereas, the harmony prevailing in this Convention, the friendly feeling existing and the unanimity of action, fully contradicts that assertion; be it therefore

Resolved.--That on the return of the members of this Convention to their constituents, they exert their utmost influence to create a unity of feeling and of action among the colored people of this State.

Adopted, nem con.

A communication was received from Mr. Henry Williamson of Sacramento, informing the Convention that he owned a mining ditch in Amador county, which he wished to sell. Read and laid on the table.

Benediction by the Chaplain.



Evening Session.

Convention met at 7 o'clock, in the A. M. E. Church, Seventh street. In the absence of the President and Vice Presidents, Mr. R. H. Small was appointed President pro tem.

Prayer by the Chaplain. Roll called. Minutes of last meeting read and approved.

Moved, that the special order of business be deferred half an hour. Carried.

The report of the Business Committee was further discussed, and the separate resolutions adopted.

Moved, that a Publishing Committee of five members be appointed, to publish the proceedings of this Convention in pamphlet form. Carried.

The Chairman appointed the following as the Publishing Committee,

P. A. Bell, E. P. Duplex,

J. J. Moore, W. H. Christopher,

E. A. Clarke.

To which, at the suggestion of the Chairman of the Committee, was added the name of J. Madison Bell,

The time having expired, the special order was called up.

Rev. J. H. Hubbard, Chairman of the Committee on Public Morals, presented the following report, which was unanimously adopted:

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