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Proceedings of the California State Convention of the Colored Citizens, Held in Sacramento on the 25th, 26th, 27th, and 28th of October, 1865.


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education developed among the white race, and to make such persistent claims on the public educational provisions, and to establish such institutions, where necessary and practicable, as will insure to us and our children that desirable condition.

10.--That wealth is an element of social power necessary to raise any people to an independent and influential position, and that we, as a people, should particularly direct our aims, our efforts, and pursuits, to its honorable acquisition.

11.--That no people can acquire wealth except they engage in those business pursuits by which it is originally produced.

12.--That the real source of the production of wealth, is agriculture, manufacturing, mechanism, commerce, and scientific professions.

13.--That we recommend our people to engage more generally in these independent pursuits of industry.

14.--That no people can secure the highest respect of others while they put themselves at their feet to be their menials.

15.--That a State Executive Committee of one member from each Judicial District be appointed by this Convention, to whom shall be referred the unfinished business and the duty of carrying out the work organized and contemplated by this Convention.

16.--That while we acknowledge our unswerving fealty to the Government, we are greatly dissatisfied with the policy pursued by the Government, since our immortal and glorious Lincoln fell; respecting those issues of the country that most immediately effects the colored Americans.

17.--That no Christian nation with any real sense of justice or humanity, could ask a class of people to assist in saving the Government from destruction, and after they had sacrificed hundreds and thousands of their lives to that effect, to then deny them of the common rights that nature has endowed them with; rights involving principles upon which the Government founded its political institutions, pronounced by them to be the natural rights of all men.

18.--That it is the imperative duty of parents, or guardians of children, to have them as far as possible, educated in some branch of business pursuits, by which they may be producers.

19.--That as memorialization is the common medium of appeal, by the American citizen, to the law making power, against all political grievances, therefore it is our right, and duty, to petition the Legislature of this State to have the State Constitution so amended as to secure its colored citizens the right of suffrage.

20.--That we appeal to them for our right of suffrage upon the principle of human justice, taught in the great Divine Rule, do unto others, as you would they should do unto you,-upon the principles of mans natural equal rights; on the principle of maintaining the principles of the Republic, as a claim upon every true American, true Union loving man, Patriot and Christian in the country, for their signature to our petition.

21.--That an ably and faithfully conducted press is indispensable for the public vindication of our equal rights before the law, and to fully and impartially advocate our general interests.

22.--That there be a committee appointed by this Convention to prepare an address to the people of this State, on the subjects of general education, industrial pursuits and moral institutions, the said address to be published with our minutes, in pamphlet form, by a publishing committee. (Referred to published committee).

23.--That this Convention recommend to our people in this State and throughout the country, to set apart through their religious leaders, a day of fasting and prayer, that Almighty God may control the nations council at its next meeting, to ensure its legislation in favor of justice, humanity and equal rights to all men.

24--That members of the State Executive Committee be instructed, and the members of this Convention, be requested to form County Executive Committees throughout the State, auxiliary to the State Committee, to further the

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