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Proceedings of the California State Convention of the Colored Citizens, Held in Sacramento on the 25th, 26th, 27th, and 28th of October, 1865.


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endowment for the establishment of a High School. Be it furthermore

Resolved, That this Convention most earnestly solicit the shareholders composing the Livingstone Institute to contribute whatever funds they may have accumulated towards the objects above contemplated. Be it further

Resolved, That this Convention heartily approves of the objects of the Lincoln Monument Association, and that it will do all in its power to perpetuate the memory of the man who wrote the Proclamation that rent asunder the chains of four millions of bondmen!

{W. H. Hall, P. A. Bell, T. M. D. Ward,} Committee.

A communication was presented from a Committee of Ladies of the Siloam Baptist Church, informing the members that a Fruit Festival would be given on Friday evening, in aid of the building fund of the church. Read and laid on the table.

The Chairman of the Business Committee presented the continuation of their report, when the several resolutions and recommendations were ably discussed.

Moved, that the report be adopted by sections. Carried.

The following is the

Report and Resolutions

The Business Committee having duly considered the importance of the duty assigned them, respectfully present the following preamble, resolutions, and recommendations, as their report:

Whereas, This Government has just recovered from the terrible stroke of a just retribution of Almighty God, for the fearful crime of slavery, which brought the nation reeling and tottering upon the brink of ruin, with her highest hopes trembling in the great balance of immutable events; and, whereas, in the fearful reckoning of Divine Justice our nation was not entirely found wanting, and Gods gracious hand stayed the destroying angel of devastating war, upon his crimson wings, and the voice of the turtle of peace is heard in our land, therefore,

Resolved--That we rejoice in the suppression of the war and the overthrow of the rebellion in our land--the most formidable ever waged against justice and humanity.

Resolved--That we rejoice that this war has resulted in the overthrow of slavery, and its total extinction by Federal legislation, in an amendment to the Constitution.

Resolved-That we have a new love for the American Union, and shall ever willingly lay down our lives in defence of the great principles of our Republic,-- for the glory of our country, the freedom of our race, the rights of our citizenship, and the preservation of the Union--maintained upon Republican principles.

Resolved-That if the American Government will become sufficiently just to accord to us the full rights of citizenship, we will flock to the American standard by hundreds of thousands at the call of the nation, to support those principles against enemies of the country--domestic or foreign.

Resolved--That as five millions of our race are equally interested with the rest of the American people, in those great principles that are now involved in the issues of the nation, therefore it is our highest and most sacred duty to bring into requisition every available means to assist us in the great contest for our claims, to manhood and Equality before the Law."

Resolved--That we believe the most potent elements any class of men can wield in the defence of their natural and political rights, are virtue, wealth, political franchise, and social unity.

Resolved--That we recommend our brethren in this State, and throughout the country, to aim to develop the highest state of Christian morals, by maintaining true Christian and moral institutions, under the direction of faithful and pious leaders.

8.--That we especially recommend our brethren to maintain temperance among them.

9.--That we recommend our brethren to aim at the same high order of

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