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Proceedings of the California State Convention of the Colored Citizens, Held in Sacramento on the 25th, 26th, 27th, and 28th of October, 1865.


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the preceding conventions, was the admission of our testimony in the courts of justice in this State. This has been happily accomplished by our untiring efforts, and the generous and noble co-operation of the friends of justice in the Legislature. After a struggle of eight years, and in January, in the year of 1863, the statutes of California were cleansed from that foul blot which had entirely obliterated from their face Equity and Justice. The principal objects of this Convention is to devise ways and means for the obtaining of that right, which, under the Constitution of the United States, is guaranteed to all her citizens, namely, the right of the elective franchise. This question is the important one of the day--not only to those of our race here and elsewhere--not only to this State, but it concerns, and directly affects the safety and prosperity of the American Government. I am confident that this and other subjects coming before your consideration, will be treated with firmness, intelligence, and moderation. I enter upon the discharge of the duties of this important and elevated office with serious misgivings, feeling that it is more to your kind partiality than my ability that I am indebted for the distinguished honor. I confidently rely upon you to assist me in proper discharge of my duty, by the exhibition of that patience, forbearance and self-respect which has ever characterized our race. Permit me to assure you that it is my firm resolve to discharge these duties impartially and with justice to all, and that I sincerely thank you for the distinction with which you have honored me.

Mr. Ward moved that Standing Committees be appointed on the following subjects: Business, Education, Industrial Pursuits, Public Morals, Statistics, Finance, and Elective Franchise. The motion was carried, and the Chairman stated that he would announce the Committees in the afternoon. R. A. Wm. H. Yates and A. L. Jackson were appointed a Committee on Rules.

After benediction by the Chaplain, the Convention adjourned until two o'clock P.M.

Afternoon Session.

At half-past two o'clock the Convention was again called to order by the President, and the exercises were opened with prayer by the Chaplain.

Roll called. Minutes of last meeting read and approved.

The Committee on Rules presented their report, which was read. Mr. R. H. Small moved to amend the report by adding the 5th Rule, was accepted.

Mr. President:--The Committee selected to prepare Rules to govern this Convention, beg leave to submit the following:

1st--The regular sessions of the Convention shall be held twice each day. Morning Session, from 9 to 12 o'clock. Evening Session, from 2 to 5 o'clock.

2d--A majority of the Delegates shall constitute a quorum for transaction of business.

3d--The Rules of Order laid down in the Convention of 1855, shall be the standing rules of this Convention, in all points not herein provided for.

4th--No member shall be allowed to speak more than twice upon the same subject, without the special leave of the Convention, and not longer than ten minutes the first time, and five minutes the second.

5th--A fine of fifty cents will be imposed upon every member absent at roll call, unless he shall give a reasonable excuse, to be accepted by the Chair. Said fine to be applied to the Contingent Fund.

In accordance with the resolution presented this morning by Mr. Ward the President appointed the following Standing Committees:

On Business

J. J. Moore, W.H. Hall, E. P. Duplex, E. A Clark, R.H. Small.

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