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Proceedings of the California State Convention of the Colored Citizens, Held in Sacramento on the 25th, 26th, 27th, and 28th of October, 1865.


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would all act for the general good of our entire race. He then introduced Rev. O. M. Briggs, Agent for the Freedmen's Bureau1 for the Pacific coast. Mr. Briggs stated that we must not be discouraged if we did not succeed immediately in obtaining our political rights. We must expect opposition, even from Union men; the country was fast coming up to that point when equal political rights would be awarded to colored men, not only as a reward for their valor, patriotism and loyalty, but as justly due them as men and citizens. He likewise said that prejudice was fast abating on this coast. He thanked the Convention for the honor of addressing them, but he came to listen and learn, not to speak or instruct.

Mr. Peter Anderson requested permission to offer a few remarks, which he had prepared for the consideration of the Convention. Granted.

The Committee on Credentials returned and reported that nine counties were represented by twenty-five delegates. The report was accepted, and the Committee retained.

On motion, the Chairman appointed the following Committee on permanent organization:

Rev. John J. Moore, San Francisco. Mr. E. A. Clark, Sacramento. Mr. B. Campbell, Yolo. Mr. W. H. Cristopher, Napa. Mr. R. F. Shorter, Santa Clara.

The Committee retired, and Rev. Amos Johnson was introduced to the Convention, and made a very telling and patriotic speech.

The Committee on Permanent Organization reported the following as the permanent officers of the Convention:


Fred'k G. Barbadoes, of San Francisco.

1st Vice President

W. H. Harper, of Sacramento.

2d Vice President

Basil Campbell, of Yolo.


Philip A. Bell, of Santa Cruz.

Assistant Secretary

W. H. Christopher, of Napa.


Jacob Madden, of Santa Clara.


Rev. P. Kellingworth, of Sonoma.

The report was received with acclamation, and the Chairman appointed Messrs. Yates and Ruggles to conduct the President to the Chair. On taking his seat Mr. Barbadoes delivered the following address:

Gentlemen of the Convention:--

For the fourth time the colored citizens of this State are assembled in Convention for the purpose of obtaining JUSTICE, and the consideration of subjects tending to our general elevation. The principal object which created

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