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State Convention of the Colored People of California, San Francisco, October, 1857.

1857CA 2.pdf

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colored inhabitants thereof, and a variety of interesting information was thereby gleaned.

Sacramento county reported the real estate, owned by forty persons, to be assessed at $45,764, and the personal property at $35,000 more, consisting of ditches, tools, buildings, farm produce, etc., on which taxes were paid to the amount of $7,280.

Tuolumne county reported two churches, with fifty members, and a flourishing state of affairs generally.

Butte county reported one hundred and eight colored residents, and property, real and personal, valued at $93,200, consisting of ditches, flumes, mining tools, shops and real estate.

Siskiyou county reported forty-three residents, and supposed wealth at $65,000--the inhabitants engaged chiefly in agricultural and mining pursuits.

El Dorado county reported six hundred residents, and property to the value of $150,000, comprised in mining operations, shops, tools, etc.; three churches, one schoolhouse and one hundred and twenty-five church members.

Amador county reported forty residents, thirty of whom are miners, with property worth $20,000--one resident owns a flume two thousand feet long.

Mariposa county reported one hundred and twenty residents, mining property worth $75,000; engaged in mining and agriculture, and possessing five hundred head of cattle.

Nevada county reported four hundred inhabitants, owning property worth $250,000, in real estate, building and mining property; one man has a capital of $10,000 in mining operations; one church.

Sonoma county reported seventy-two residents, twenty-seven of whom are farmers; and it was reported as a startling fact that twenty-six of those engaged as farmers were claimed as slaves by their employers, who brought them from the South. The assessed value of property is $4,700.

Alameda county reported forty residents, owning considerable property; non-residents (colored) and residents together own about $50,000.

Shasta county reported twenty-eight male residents and eight females, and paying taxes on property of an assessed value of $16,990.

Sierra county reported about one hundred and twenty-eight residents, and wealth to the amount of $50,000; occupations chiefly mining and mechanical.

Santa Clara county reported forty-three residents, and property worth $15,000. They also possess a night school in San Jose.

Napa county reported eighty-five residents, and property worth $10,000.

San Francisco Chronicle, as reported in the Sacramento Daily Union, October 20, 1857.

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