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Proceedings of the Second Annual Convention of the Colored Citizens of the State of California, Held in the City of Sacramento, Dec. 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th, 1856.


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the Convention, ordered to be recorded among the minutes of the Convention. It was as follows:

The citizens of San Joaquin send greeting to the Convention of colored men being held in Sacramento. The great objects embraced in the call for the Convention meet our unqualified approval; and shall have, in the struggle to obtain them, our best energies.

The disgraceful enactments that so cripples us in all that pertains to our elevation and happiness should be repealed. Gentlemen, you have our cooperation in this glorious struggle; we hope that measures will be adopted, calculated by their wisdom and efficiency to promote all our interests, but chiefly the repeal of the Statutes invalidating our testimony in Courts of Justice where white persons are parties. This deprivation subjects us to many outrages and aggressions by wicked and unprincipled white men; by it, prejudice is aroused against us that would not exist but for this Statute; its debasing effects upon the morals of our people is evident, in its tendency to crush their aspirations, and thus to prevent the full development of those qualities which are the basis of high moral character. In conclusion, gentlemen, accept our hearty good wishes for the attainment of the great objects we have so much at heart.

In behalf of the people of San Joaquin,

S. B. Hyer.

A resolution respecting the form of Petitions, was presented by Mr. Newby.

Resolved, That the form of the Petitions to be presented to the Legislature shall be the same as those of last year, with the addition of that portion of the late report of the Grand Jury of San Francisco relating to Chinese and African testimony.

Mr. Townsend remarked, that the Executive Committee would be careful in the heading of the Petitions; the experience of last year had been instructive to them in that respect.

Ferguson, Handy, Detter, Henry and Phelps, opposed the adoption of Mr. Newbys resolution.

Mr. Detter moved to lay it on the table carried-24 to 20.

Mr. Collins moved that the whole matter of the form of the Petitions be referred to the Executive Committee.

Mr. Phelps supported the motion for reference.

Mr. Newby opposed; he thought the Convention could as well decide, and were likely to know as much as the Executive Committee.

Mr. Townsend thought the reference would save time.

Mr. Ferguson offered an amendment to the motion for reference, as follows: and that they place the words, in conformity with the instructions of the Grand Jury of San Francisco, we petition your honorable body, &c., &c., at the head of the Petitions.

Newby thought the proposed amendment contained a statement that was not true, in the expression, "In conformity with the instructions, &c., &c."

Mr. J. B. Johnson was in favor of leaving out of the Petitions all reference to the Report of the Grand Jury,

Mr. Ferguson altered the phraseology of his amendment, so that it read --"In conformity with the late Report of the Grand Jury of San Francisco, we petition your Honorable Body," &c., &c.

In this form the amendment was accepted, and the motion to refer adopted.

Mr. Detter offered a resolution, that J. B. Sanderson prepare the Proceedings of this Convention for publication, by the 1st of January, and receive for his services the sum of $40.

Mr. Gordon proposed as a substitute, resolution No. 31.

Resolved, That Mr. J. B. Sanderson be requested to prepare, at his earliest convenience, the Proceedings of this Convention for publication, and that the sum of $50 be awarded him for his services.

Mr. Gordon's substitute was accepted and passed.

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