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Proceedings of the Second Annual Convention of the Colored Citizens of the State of California, Held in the City of Sacramento, Dec. 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th, 1856.


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aiding in keeping it alive; and for their efforts, they deserve great credit."

Mr. Newby:--"It is true, an association of ladies has been formed in San Francisco, but their aid is necessarily uncertain: a permanent means of support is required. It is not only the labor of the composition and pressmen that must be compensated, but the time, talent, and labors of its editors: these cannot be given. As for San Francisco, with a large population of colored people, she has not contributed as liberally towards the support of the paper as we anticipated. Inland localities have done more in proportion to [their] numbers: the question now is, shall the Mirror live?"

The vote was taken upon the adoption of the amendment proposed by Mr. Anderson, and it was carried.

The question recurred upon the adoption of the 1st Section as amended, and it was adopted.

2nd Section of the report was read: a motion being made to adopt it, Mr. Phelps said that he was sorry that a proposition was made to reduce the size of the Mirror: he was for progressing and not for going back. He was poor, but felt willing to make a sacrifice rather than have the size of the paper cut down.

Mr. Newby:--"I would like to have the present size retained, but this cannot be: not alone its permanency, but the life of the Mirror is in danger. Let us secure that, and place it upon a firm and healthful basis. If this paper were to fail, it would be a disgrace to us: who would not regret and mourn such an event? I am not generally very sanguine, and even now have my fears."

Mr. Ferguson proposed as an amendment to the 2nd Section, that the determination of the question of the size of the paper be left to the Executive Committee.--amendment adopted.

3d Section of the report read. Mr. Wilson made a motion to adopt, pending which, Mr. E. A. Booth said, it will be better to create a Special Committee, independent of the Executive Committee, to attend to the financial affairs generally of the paper.

Mr. Ferguson said--"As the author of the report, I will state the meaning of this section. We presume the Executive Committee will appoint, from among their own number, a special committee, to whom will be assigned the responsibility of devising ways for the management and sustainment of the paper."

Mr. Francis said--"It will be a disgrace to let the Mirror of the Times go down; how far our constituents will sustain us in this action I cannot say; it is certain that our friends of San Francisco deserve great credit for their enterprise and energy; I take pride in according it on all proper occasions; now that we have adopted this child, let us assume the duties of a parent, take it by the hand and lead it to the Goddess of Liberty, and have it baptized; for heavens sake don't let it go down; I trust the people are ready to become its sponsors."

The hour of adjournment having nearly come, Mr. Haynes moved that so much of Rule 2d as relates to adjournment of the P. M. Session, be suspended--carried.

Moved by Mr. Haynes to extend the hour for adjournment to eight o'clock, P. M. --carried.

Mr. D. Lewis said--"I am a friend to the paper, and go for supporting it; the changes we are seeking in the laws for the sake of common security of life and property must be effected through it, and as the result of an altered public sentiment; to produce this latter, we greatly need a paper; it seems, then, as clearly my duty to support the paper, as to labor for my daily bread; but I do not agree with the plan now before us; I think a better way would be to purchase a press. Have we not confidence in those who sent us here? Let each member pledge himself for his constituents, and thus a sum might be immediately raised, placed in the hands of a committee for that purpose appointed, and a press at once purchased; you could employ colored printers; I know there are several whose services could be obtained now in other employment, because they cannot procure business with white printers."

The Convention took a recess of ten minutes, during which the choir, attached to the Church, assisted by several of the Delegates, sang an anthem in the fine style.

Resuming, Mr. Wilson proposed a substitute to Section 3d, as follows: "The Mirror of the Times shall be placed under the control of a Board of

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