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Proceedings of the Second Annual Convention of the Colored Citizens of the State of California, Held in the City of Sacramento, Dec. 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th, 1856.


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motion, to the State Executive Committee, with instructions to prepare an address to the white citizens.

Mr. Phelps' motion was adopted by the following vote:---yeas, 27; noes, 24.

The Committee appointed on the subject of a State Press, presented the following, prepared by Mr. Ferguson:

Report of the Committee on a State Press

As consolidation of interest and oneness of purpose are the surest guarantee of success, the Committee, to whom was referred the duty of reporting the best mode of conducting a State Press, beg leave to report the following:

First, That the Mirror of the Times be adopted as the State Organ of the colored people of California.

Second, That its size be reduced one-fourth.

Third, That it be under the immediate control of the State Executive Committee, and be supported by the General Fund.

Fourth, That the Executive Committee have plenipotentiary powers to levy such contributions on the people of the different counties in pro-rata to the population of the respective counties, as may be necessary for the successful publication of the paper.

Fifth, That the financial affairs of the paper, both in receiving and disbursing, be wholly under the control of said Committee, or such persons as they may select for that purpose; said Committee at all times responsible to the source whence they derive their authority for the prompt and faithful performance of the functions of their office.

Sixth, The place of publication shall be San Francisco,--the periods of publication, weekly.

Seventh, There shall be one general editor, and one associate, located in the place of publication, whose salaries shall be respectively seventy five dollars per month.

Eighth, The Committee shall have power to appoint corresponding editors in different sections of the State, as their discretion may suggest, whose labors shall be accredited as "labors of love."

Ninth, The financial condition of the paper shall be published in the Mirror, quarterly; and all monies received either from subscribers or pecuniary contributions, be accredited weekly in the same.

Data, The Committee find the cost of publishing the Mirror of the Times, in its present size, exclusive of the pay of editors) to be, per month $200.00

Allowing one hundred dollars each to the Editors 200.00

Rent of offices, fuel, lights, stationery, &c, per month 25.00

Total, per month $425.00

Reducing the size of paper one-fourth 60.00

Making cost of the paper so reduced $365.00

Account Debtor per Contra, Estimating the reliable circulation of the paper at 500 copies per month, at 40 cents per month will yield $200.00

Profits from advertisements, local notices, &c 75.00

Account credit $275.00

The above estimate leaves a deficit per month of 90.00

Or per annum of 1,080.00

All of which is respectfully submitted,--Accepted.

Mr. Henry moved to adopt the report by sections,--carried.

The first section being again read, pending a motion to adopt, Mr. Anderson said: "This Convention ought to assume the ownership and responsibility of sustaining the Mirror, as the first step, and then take the entire control of its financial affairs, and see to it, that this department is properly conducted."

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